John Spainhour (Mr. World Philippines 2014) and Sam Ajdani (Mr. World Philippines 2016) during their proclamation press conference in May 2014. (Image courtesy of Bong Tan for Missosology)

Two years ago, Filipino pageant fans and pundits rejoiced when it was announced that two of our country’s most prominent male models, John Spainhour and Sam Ajdani, were selected to follow in Mister World 2012 1st runner-up Andrew Wolff‘s footsteps to represent our country in 2014 and eventually 2016.  Everyone was so optimistic that with their astounding good looks we could secure a streak in this pageant and perhaps even a win.

But it turns out this was not to be.  Though John Spainhour did well in the Extreme Sports challenge and the penalty shootout portion of the Sports challenge, plus looking fly in formal clothing, he was a shock boot.  Sam Ajdani had the disadvantage of missing the first portion of the challenge events due to snags in securing his visa, and even though he pulled his weight in the team challenges and garnered raves for his good looks, he also missed the final cut.  So why did this happen?

I’ve noticed that one key word is commonly used to describe these guys:  “chill”.  In most modern contexts, “chill” is viewed as a virtue.  It basically means you’re laid-back, low-key, easy-going and easy-to-get-along-with.  However, it seems in the perception of the people in the Miss World organization, being “chill” seems to equal lack of passion, drive, and ambition, and results in not-so-memorable interviews, and this is the factor that have prevented these two stunners from advancing.

So should we be looking for aggressive, type “A” personalities to represent us in future editions of this pageant?  Not necessarily as Mister World’s format also like to foster cooperation and brotherhood.  Some pageant fans also observed that perhaps handpicking our representative may not be a good idea, that CQ Global Quest headed by Cory Quirino and Arnold Vegafria should invest in holding a full-blown pageant to search for our rep.

But mounting a full-blown pageant consumes significant time and resources.  One option I was thinking of was CQ Global Quest merging or collaborating with Gentleman Charities, Inc. (GCI) to stage such a pageant.  I highly recommend GCI as this organization actually has a set-up that generates the best fit to the qualities that the Miss World Organization is looking for, especially with its emphasis on advocacies and personality.  I did mention in my previous articles related to last year’s Misters 2015 pageant about my concerns about how stunning good looks may not be enough to make the cut at Mister World (which were unfortunately realized by the eventual outcome).  But logistical issues may prevent such a team-up from happening, so this will probably remain a pipe dream.

The most likely scenario is CQ Global Quest will stick with the handpicking format, probably using its showbiz connections to seek out a rep when the Miss World Organization decides to host another Mister World pageant.  I don’t see a problem with that but I hope they would learn their lessons and finetune their approach.  And I think I have the perfect candidate that, if he chooses to accept, would be perfect for the contest.

I learned about Wil Dasovich when watching a video on celebrity chef Erwan Huessaf’s YouTube channel about Filipino YouTube vloggers reviewing different pizzas (including Erwan himself).  I was drawn to Wil’s beefy hunkiness and then visited his YouTube channel and learned how he became a viral celebrity by learning to speak (and sharing his skills in speaking) “Bekinese” (a.k.a. Tagalog gay lingo, known in the 1970s as “Swardspeak”) and what a bright and outgoing personality he is in his series of amusing videos.  It dawned on me that this is the type of outgoing personality that would do well in Mister World.  Moreover, with his strong video editing skills and knack for comic timing, he would have the Multimedia fast-track all sewn up–and he will clearly elevate the group videos that he’ll be in.   Visa concerns would most likely not be an issue as I presume he’s still a U.S. citizen and if I’m not mistaken, he is free to stay in the UK for less than 90 days (if Mister World would still be a U.K. affair).   Also, to address objections that John and Sam didn’t seem to fully embrace their Filipino side, this guy has obviously plunged into our culture head-first and embraced it whole-heartedly (despite still keeping an American twang with his Tagalog).

I can imagine how polished his contestant introduction video would be.  And imagine the comic gold that could be mined as he documents being drilled by Andrew Wolff in sports, then getting down and dirty in the trenches performing a series of military exercises as Andrew (or ex-soldier John Spainhour) barks orders at him, and then getting some hot workout tips with fitness trainer Sam Ajdani.  Plus John and Sam could coach him on how to make an impact in formal wear.  And imagine the antics he’ll have at the competition itself, revealing fun sides of his co-contestants–the best attitude in approaching going to Mister World is basically to treat it as an culture-broadening adventure, anyway.  How about teaching his fellow contestants sine “Bekinese”, too?..

I know there are also some cons in having Wil represent us when Mister World comes in the next couple of years (or so…).  First, he’s 5’9″, a relative pipsqueak compared to the hulking six-foot statures of Andrew, John, and Sam.  Secondly, he may not need to add to his circle of international friends as he has a host of them already.  Lastly, perhaps he might be too animated for comfort and he does have a tendency to go pasaway (veer off from the norm).  But then again, isn’t the 2014 winner Nicklas Pedersen of Denmark, also of the same height (not to mention a certain Canadian who made the cut two years prior who stood 5’5″)?  And I think he’s such a gregarious personality that he doesn’t mind adding new friends.  Plus, he has time to mature a bit more and learn to rein in when needed.  I get a vibe he’s like the male version of Megan Young–and you know where Megan ended up in Miss World almost three years ago.

Whether or not Wil accepts the assignment, I hope Cory Quirino and Arnold Vegafria reads this and take my suggestions into consideration on who to look for in our future representative to that pageant.