In general the Top 20 are an expected lot and 13 of the 15 I highlighted in my Press Presentation article made the final cut, and though I didn’t feature a “bubbling under” list then, those who I didn’t get weren’t that surprising.  Anyway, without further ado, here’s my take on the Top 20.

GENTLEMAN 20 – Dr. Vincent Pua of Quezon City.  I was expecting him to be in contention for one of the titles or perhaps a runner-up position.  But I noticed his physique is not as toned as the other contenders out there, and this could be a reason why he couldn’t advance to the final 15 and have a chance to speak.

G20 Quezon City

GENTLEMAN 2 – Julius Caesar Chio of General Santos City.  I found him a bit raw during the Press Presentation, but there were others who like his boy-next-door cuteness and he seemed to have a well-spring of well-connected internet fans supporting him that he garnered one of the fast-tracks, the Online Voting award.  But still, I can understand why he couldn’t go beyond the Top 20 as his physique is also not that toned.

G02 Gen San

GENTLEMAN 26 – Samuel Joshua Arnonobal of Zamboanga City.  He has a buffed physique, but I think what’s holding him back is that his face is not as appealing as the other contenders out there.

G26 Zamboanga city

GENTLEMAN 15 – Daniel Subagan, Jr. of Ilocandia.  He has a lean physique and attractive-enough features.  But there are more appealing choices out there that is why he missed the cut.  At least he got cited placing 3rd best for the Advocacy Video fast-track.

G15 Ilocandia

GENTLEMAN 6 – Gem Andrei Salvacion of Leyte.  This cutie garnered a special award as Mr. Photogenic and advanced to the Top 20 on the basis of winning the Advocacy Video fast-track.  I think he fell short by only very little as the judges favored several others, which I kinda agree.

G06 Bohol

The Top 15 speech round proved to be an acid test–many favorite contenders fell out of favor when they were hit by a case of nerves that caused them to fall out of favor and miss out of the plum prizes

GENTLEMAN 8 – Muhammad Ali Imran Atendido of Lucena City, Quezon.  Prior to the finals, pageant fans and pundits believe this swarthy hunk has an inside track of garnering one of the titles, and his bronzed complexion complimenting his toned physique along with a distinctive presence in the formal wear round with his criss-cross designed jacket he seemed to be headed for a win.  But then came the speech round, and he was obviously very nervous trying to speak about his advocacy (climate change), ending up sounding disjointed and disorganized expressing simple sentiments about protecting our natural resources and taking care of the environment.  It got worse when he had to expound on the hashtag #SubstanceOfAGentleman, as he could barely think of what to say until repeating the word heart, about having a good heart and strong heart.  He could benefit from a speech workshop as he could’ve shone better if he learned good speaking skills.

G08 Lucena Quezon

GENTLEMAN 30 – Sonu Singh of Nueva Vizcaya.  I have fond memories of Misters 2015 semifinalist Karan Singhdole (who eventually was elevated to Man of the Year titleholder after the “schism”) and this guy seems to be on track of making a similar splash.  Besides his swarthy features and buffed physique, I loved his formal wear look as his black dress shirt evokes a formal Indian outfit (which befits his heritage) and the lacy black overlay of his jacket is a nice, original touch.  But unfortunately, he gave a disastrous disjointed and incoherent advocacy speech.  It’s not enough even if he recovered expounding on the hashtag #GentlemanMoreThanGoodLooks.  He’s reasonable enough citing personality is the key to being a gentleman and shows his love of our country by also speaking in Filipino for part of this section.

G30 Nueva Vizcaya

GENTLEMAN 25 – Ray Ferdinand Chan Garcia of Isabela.  Lookswise, he’s the headscratcher in the Top 15.  I would rather choose the Gentlemen from Bohol or Quezon City in his place.  But he was strong in delivering both his advocacy speech and elaborating on the hashtag #IfLooksCouldKillButGentlemenWill.  For the advocacy speech he emphasized how the youth are the key to a country’s success, and educating them is the best way to unite our nation.  For his hashtag, he spoke in Filipino and emphasized the value of goodwill, respect, and good moral conduct.

G25 Isabela

GENTLEMAN 13 – Roland William de Dios of Cabanatuan City.  I’m glad he made the Top 15 and his enviable physique got noticed.  He also has these native features that I find very appealing.  He actually has something solid to say in his advocacy speech and elaborating on the hashtag #GentlemanInsideAndOut, but his declamatory style is a bit jarring to my ears.  Yes, that style can work in elementary and high school, but in other realms a more natural speaking style is encouraged instead of the stilted, formalized style that made his sentiments less believable than it should’ve been.  For his advocacy, he talked about his advocacy on climate change, especially touching on how it affects families and how we need to be educated on this issue.  For the hashtag speech, he reiterated his advocacy and added in his background as a tricycle driver, and even with his background he practices the values of being a gentleman, as

G13 Cabanatuan City

GENTLEMAN 10 – Carlo Roy Rosalinda of Bohol.  He was Top Three in both the pre- pageant Advocacy Speech (3rd) and Advocacy Video (2nd).  He was solid and appealing in both formal wear and swimwear.  But what made him fall short of finalist honors was his elaboration on the hashtag #GentlemanLiftsTheFaceOfMalePageantry, as he could not elaborate further beyind good attitude and “not just good looks”.

G10 Bohol

GENTLEMAN 16:  Johannes Dula Rissler of Germany.  This strapping 6’2″ 18-year-old seemed to be a cinch to clinch the Mister Teen International title, and I thought he should’ve been the one to win in Best in Formal Wear as I thought he looked impeccable in his white suit.  Though he was solid expressing his advocacy for youth affairs and culture, for the hashtag elaboration #AGentlemanIsNeverAfraidToCry, he didn’t properly connect to the topic, emphasizing a man’s strength and confidence and missed out on perhaps talking about how a gentleman can be free to be sensitive as that hashtag would call for.  That miss may have caused him to miss out of a title and be the biggest upset of the night, as a previously lesser regarded overseas candidate overtook him for the title that seemed to be his.

G16 Germany



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