Now let’s discuss 74 ladies who are in the running for Miss Grand International 2016.  In general it’s a strong group of ladies, but there are some raw ladies out there that are competing for the Dunavka Trifunovska award.

ARUBA – Chimay Ramos.  She’s a solid contender all throughout, though I think she should’ve worn the white evening gown in her official portrait during the presentation show instead of the busy pink number she sported there.  By the way, her first name is pronounced “shee-May” (as in the month of May), and for Filipino speakers, not the colloquial word for “servant”.


AUSTRALIA = Dani Nicole Fitch.  I thinks she’s good looking though her minimal make-up makes her look a little washed out.  But I feel she still has an inside track of making the Top 20.


BAHAMAS – Selvinique Wright.  She didn’t register that well in most pictures (except in her official portrait), but she’s a revelation in the Presentation Show, particularly in the swimsuit round as she displayed an enviably slender but buffed, defined frame (her red gown was likewise very strong).  She’s a strong communicator, too so she would be a refreshing choice for the Top 20.


BELGIUM – Kawtar Riahi Idrissi.  She evokes a patrician vibe that evokes the likes of Miss World 2012 2nd runner-up from Australia, Jessica Kahawaty, mixed with Miss Universe 2003 winner from the Dominican Republic, Amelia Vega.  She seemed to be a Top 20 contender, but I wonder what happened in the Presentation Show, as she skipped the swimsuit round?  She was present in the poolside swimsuit competition event, so it’s a headscratcher what happened.  Did she faint backstage?


Jessica Kahawaty (image sourced from alcci.org.au)
Miss Universe 2003 Amelia Vega (image courtesy of Miss Universe Organization
Miss Universe 2003 Amelia Vega (image courtesy of Miss Universe Organization

BOLIVIA – Joselyn Toro.  She has a pretty face, but is not as polished as other contenders out there, and does have a similar frame that is attributed to the departed Arna Yr.


BRAZIL – Renata Sena.  She has gorgeousness, charisma, stage presence, and excellent communication skills to put her into title contention.  But I wonder how Nawat would respond to her booty-heavy figure (as exhibited in the Presentation Show)?  I know most black and Latino people would dig her shape, but most Asians may not appreciate it.


CANADA – Monika Horvat.  This blonde of Serbian descent is attractive in real-world terms, but is facing an uphill battle in this pageant.  It doesn’t help that she tripped in the evening gown round in the Presentation Show, and sporting a dowdy yellow dress to boot.


CHINA – He Siru.  Her best asset is her slender figure.  Otherwise she’s too plain to make an impact.


COLOMBIA – Juliana Florez.Herrera.  She’s one of the strong Latinas in this pageant ans she’s consistently strong in the looks fronts, and she is a strong enough communicator.  She looks like a shoo-in for the Top 20 and beyond.


COSTA RICA – Monique Rodriguez.  She’s good-looking with a trim figure, but a tad raw and her humility betrays a lack of confidence.


CUBA – Merys Navarro.  She’s a solid contender in my book, but there are fans who feel she can go far.  She could turn the charisma on and she’s a strong communicator, but I feel it’s a tad inconsistent.


CZECH REPUBLIC – Monika Vaculiková.  Her features gives me visions of former Miss Universe co-owner and Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump as her features are the sort he gravitates toward.  She’s good looking and in trim shape, but the evening gown she wore in the Presentation Show was a horrendous hot mess–arguably the worst gown of the night.


DENMARK – Ida Gøral Sjøstrøm.  Unlike most Danish girls sent to international pageants,  who tend to be glaringly unprepared and raw, she is polished enough to make a positive impression.


DOMINICAN REPUBLIC – Lucero Arias.  She may not be as pretty as the front-runners out there, but she was a revelation in the swimsuit round of the Presentation Show as she has one of the buffest figures out there.  Would it be enough for her to make the cut?


ECUADOR – Carmen Veronica Iglesias.Lopez.  I thought she seems a tad over-the top based on her photos, but she is good-looking and she did deliver a convincingly stellar performance in the Presentation Show.



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