EGYPT – Mirielle Azer.  Her features are a tad angular for my taste, albeit it evokes a patrician vibe.  She’s not as buffed as other contenders and also a tad raw onstage.  Still she’s intelligent and articularte.


ENGLAND – Cherelle Rose Patterson.  She’s generally polished, but among the ladies representing the British Isles she’s relatively the weakest link.


ESTONIA – Merylin Nau.  Now, she’s one of the rawest contenders out there, and her short, barrel torso is not the sort that this pageant appreciates, but we still have to appreciate her presence here, as she has a strong advocacy as she was a bullying survivor.


ETHIOPIA – Genet Tsegay.  She’s polished and attractive enough, and that could be enough for her to make the final cut like Hiwot Mamo two years ago (she ended up 1st runner-up, though was stripped of that title when she decided to compete in the 63rd Miss Universe pageant).  But I think there are stronger choices out there for the black/African contingent.


FRANCE – Océane Pernodet.  She’s a worthwhile contender with good looks and a trim figure.


GUATEMALA – Susan Larios Cruz.  In real-world terms she’s good looking, but again, she faces an uphill battle in this competition.


HONG KONG – Rebecca Lan Hoi Yee.  To her credit, she was styled right and polished during the evening gown round of the Presentation Show.  Otherwise she’s plain and raw.


HUNGARY – Anna Váradi.  She’s attractive, though her angular features are an acquired taste.  During the Presentation Show she could otherwise be considered solid if it weren’t for her raw catwalk.


INDIA – Pankhuri Gidwani.  She’s great looking, trim, and polished.  She has an inside track of making the Top 20 and beyond, though of course it’s a tough act to follow her stellar predecessor, Miss Grand International 2nd runner-up Vartika Singh (who was the favorite to win by most pageant fans and pundits) but she held her own very well.


INDONESIA – Ariska Putri Pertiwi.  She’s not conventionally pretty, but she has strong stage and communication skills to offset that.  Hence she has an inside track of making the Top 20.


IRAQ – Klaodia Khalaf.  It’s a wonderful welcome that this country is back in the pageant arena 44 years since its participation at Miss Universe 1972.  Besides that distinction, Klaodia made a splash with her exaggerated movements during the poolside swimsuit competition and national costume presentation.  Pageant fans and pundits buzzed that she’s the successor to last year’s representative from FYR Macedonia, Dunavka Trifunovska,   This lady  added a little twist with giggles during the Presentation Show–I’ll call her “Giggling Girl”.  At least we can say Iraq is back with a splash.


ITALY – Martina Corrias.  She has the sort of frame and looks that seems to be best appreciated in the fashion world, but she can be considered a possibility for the Top 20.


JAMAICA – Dianne O. Brown.  She’s a worthwhile contender all throughout, but a slot for a black Caribbean lady is likely to be reserved for Bahamas and possibly Cuba.


JAPAN – Ayaka Sato.  She’s generally a solid contender who delivered a creditable performance, though it’s a longshot for her to make the final cut.  She’s well-spoken and has strong English-speaking skills.


KOREA – Yeseul Cho.  See JAPAN, although her command of English is not that strong.




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