LATVIA – Meldra Rozenberga.  This platinum blonde lady has a pretty-enough face, but is not in serious contention for the Top 20.


LITHUANIA – Aista Maciulyte.  She’s the rawest girl in this contest–everything about her is awkward.  But then it’s understandable as she is only 17 years old.


LUXEMBOURG – Natascha Bintz.  She’s a veteran of various international pageants, having competed at Miss Earth five years ago and Miss International last year.  I’m glad to see she’s back in fighting form here as in Miss International she was relatively out-of-shape.  She is a worthwhile contender.


MACAU – Hio Mao Chan.  If she was Caucasian, her slender frame may be considered cause for an anorexia alert.  But her frame is considered normal for Asians and she’s arguably the strongest contender from the Chinese contingent.


MALAYSIA – Ranmeet Jassal.  She’s great-looking and trim, and she’s also very polished.  I would count her as a Top 20 possibility.


MALTA – Christine Mifsud.  She’s generally very solid, but not in serious contention for the Top 20.


MAURITIUS – Ramjaun Sehba.  She’s attractive, and she knows how to style herself well as she looks polished in evening gown.  Apparently she’s a devout Muslim and she doesn’t want to show off her body in swimsuit–during the poolside swimsuit competition, she covered herself in a white dress, and is absent (alongside Miss Belgium) in the swimsuit round of the Presentation Show.  Well, at least we get to see her participate.


MEXICO – Paulina Flores Cantu.  She’s not as charismatic as her Miss World 2000 namesake, though she seems to have an inside track of making the Top 20.  Though there are unflattering angles to her looks, she is a strong contender.


MOLDOVA – Alina Maicu.  In most official photos taken of her and onstage she’s too overly made up that well, she could be mistaken for somebody “unsavory”.   It doesn’t help matters that during the Presentation Show her onstage catwalk has this very blasé vibe, as if she couldn’t care less how she presents herself.  I wonder why she was absent during the poolside swimsuit competition?  Did she fall ill?


MYANMAR – Nandar Lwin.  She’s not conventionally pretty, but she knows how to look polished.  Too bad she tripped onstage during the evening gown round of the Presentation Show and her stage chops are less than polished.


NETHERLANDS – Floor Masselink.  She’s a gorgeous blonde with a supermodel’s body.  I think she sported the most provocative gown of the Presentation Show as her sheer top with strategically placed crystals left little to the imagination.  But she pulled it off well.


NEW ZEALAND – Cosmiana Brown.  This statuesque (1.83m or 6′) brunette is pretty, though her stage projections skills are not as strong as other contenders out there.  She does have potential.


NICARAGUA – Michelle Lacayo.  She has a trim figure, solid stage presentation skills and is an excellent communicator.  The issue is her face is too angular for comfort.



NIGERIA –  Rachel Onuwa Ikekhuame.  She was the last to arrive, so there are no swimsuit competition, national costume, or red carpet portraits.  Anyway, she is a worthwhile contender with a face that has a passing resemblance to the late Natalie Cole.


Natalie Cole (image sourced from WSAV.com)

NORWAY – Yasmin Osee Aakre.  She’s attractive enough, has a solid catwalk, and has a trim figure.  Generally a worthwhile contender.



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