PANAMA – Selena Gomez Santamaria.  Her stage projection skills are stellar, and she has a great bod for sin.  She is one of those who could be considered “unconventionally beautiful.”


PARAGUAY – Cindy Nordmann.  Based on her name she is obviously of European descent.  She is great looking with a trim, slender figure


PERU – Priscila Howard.  She has the beauty, charisma, and stage presence to be a front-runner for the crown.  She ruled the evening gown competition with her stunning caped gown.


PHILIPPINES – Nicole Cordoves.  I don’t find her conventionally pretty, but her stage chops, trim figure, and overall presence makes her a shoo-in for the Top 20.  I’m not sure if she can exceed or duplicate Parul Shah’s runner-up finish last year, but if she makes it all the way to the Final FIve, her stellar communication skills is one to watch out for.


POLAND – Marta Redo.  She reminds me of Miss France national director Sylvie Tellier (who also competed at Miss Universe 2002) with the added distinction of her short bobbed hair.  Her stage chops proved stellar during the Presentation Show that I think she’s part of the “P” Powerhouse group with Peru, Philippines, and possibly Paraguay and Puerto Rico and is likely t make the final cut.


Sylvie Tellier when she won Miss France 2002 (image sourced from aufeminin.com)

PORTUGAL – Ana Bomfim.  She’s actually an above-average, more-than-worthwhile contender with strong communication skills.  But this “P” Powerhouse group is just too stellar that she’s relatively the weakest link of this hallowed group.  Still she’s a refreshing sight.


PUERTO RICO – Madison Anderson.  She’s a polished and articulate contender who also looks like a near-lock for the Top 20.


ROMANIA – Ioana Mihalache.  She has a lean, slender model frame that could be prized in fashion circles.  Compared to Moldova, she’s a polished competitor.  A worthwhile contender.


RUSSIA – Daria Zatsepina.  Buzz was muted for this lady, though she is great looking.  But she’s a revelation in the Presentation Show as her stage chops prove to be stellar.


RWANDA – Sonia Gisa.  This Miss Supranational 2015 semifinalist makes a strong impression with her dignified vibe, and she was indelibly elegant in her red evening gown during the Presentation Show.  Yes, she’s relatively short compared to the rest of the pack, but she’s a complete package.  I’m rooting for her to make the cut, though the hype is towards another African.


SCOTLAND – Gemma Palmer.  This brunette’s got the good looks and strong stage chops to be the British girl most likely to make the final cut in this pageant.


SINGAPORE – Sabrina Ng.  She’s well spoken and articulate.  But she’s clearly not in contention for the Top 20 with her less-than-trim figure and raw stage presence.


SLOVAKIA – Viktoria Nagy.  I find her features a tad too angular and severe and worsening matters is her extremely raw stage chops during the Presentation Show.  She has a similar blasé catwalk like Moldova.


SOUTH AFRICA – Caitlin Harty.  She is not that buzzed about but I think she has a strong presence to be in contention for the finals.


SOUTH SUDAN – Teresa Yuol.  There are pageant fans and pundits who are dubbing her the “African-most-likely” in this group.  I’m not into her features and figure, but well, perhaps it’s time to open my eyes and appreciate her sort of beauty.  She does have a vibrant vibe and that could bolster her cause.




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