Ever since the so-called “scandal” four years ago, there are some pageant fans and pundits who were ringing death knells for Miss Earth.  I am not one of them, and I’m glad to say that this pageant remains very much alive, even if it suffered a bit of a blow last year with observers grousing about back-to-back win for the originating country and complaints about the lacklustre staging of the event.  Despite those objections, at least Angelia Ong was a committed queen for the cause, dispensing with her duties exemplarily.

Returning the hosting pageant to the Philippines help generate more media coverage as it’s being staged in a country that is ga-ga over pageants, and the homegrown support still remains strong. Also, the fact that most national directors made the effort to have environmental projects and produce eco-beauty videos show that there is still something worthwhile being done here, despite all that unsavory talk.

Despite the attrition from 86 to 83, lookswise the quality of this year’s delegates is on the upswing, perhaps to the level of the underrated 2014 edition at the very least.  Without further ado, let’s discuss further starting with the ladies under Group 1.


ARGENTINA – Lara Bochle.  She’s good looking, though with slightly angular features.  Her voluptuous figure may put her in a slight disadvantage but she’s a worthwhile contender.


AUSTRALIA – Lyndi Kean.  This blonde has garnered heavy buzz as possibly garnering an element as she has that complete package of good looks, charisma, communication skills, and commitment to the cause.  Can she equal Diana Grageda’s showing last year?


BAHAMAS – Candisha Rolle.  I don’t think Filipinos appreciate her looks and her figure, but she’s attractive and articulate to deserve some compliments.  She’s the gold medal winner for friendship.


BELGIUM – Fenne Verecas.  She actually has good looks and a trim enough figure and solid communication skills.  A worthwhile contender and better than most Belgians fielded in this pageant.


BOLIVIA – Eliana Villegas.  She’s one of several Latinas who make a strong impression as she exudes charisma in spades.  She can be a Top Eight possibility.


BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA – Ivana Perisic.  She’s a great looking, refreshing ingenue, a very different mold from the typical rrepresentatives to thsi pageant.  Could make the Top 16.


BRAZIL – Bruana Zanardo.  She may not have gotten as much buzz as other Latinas, but she still got what it takes to make the final cut.  At least she got silver in swimsuit for her group.  Will there be room for her?


COOK ISLANDS – Allanah Herman-Edgar.  She’s notable for garnering gold in talent in her group.


CROATIA – Nera Torlak.  She does have the “Drusilla” look that work in previous editions of this pageant.  She garnered a bronze for swimsuit for her group.


GHANA – Deborah Eyram Dodor.  She has a very cheerful face that charms people.   But her looks are not the sort that we Filipinos currently appreciate.


GUADELOUPE – Meghan Monrose.  Her beauty is of an unconventional sort so prospects for her making the cut is distant.


GUAM – Gloria Nelson.  Somehow they got away with making the final cut last year.  This lady has a better figure than her predecessor and she’s pretty enough.  There could be room for her to duplicate the feat.


INDIA – Rashi Yadav.  She’s attractive, and looks worthy enough to make the cut, but since Nicole Faria’s win six years ago this country has yet to make the final cut.


KYRGYZSTAN – Begim Almasbeková.  She’s a good looking, polished Asian girl, even though during the costume competition she was lumped with Europe.  I know Carousel Productions still has ways to go to properly tag regions, and I can understand how Central Asian countries like this one can still be confused as European, but just an FYI moving forward.



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