MYANMAR – Nang Khine Shwe Wah Win.  She has an Asian girl-next-door appeal about her.  She garneered silver for Photogenic and bronze for Friendship.  Could she parlay those to a semifinal finish?


NEPAL – Rosharii Khatri.  She has an attractiveness about her and is a polished contender.  She garnered silver in resorts wear.


NEW ZEALAND – Janelle Nicholas-Wright.  She has an attractive face but perhaps her thicker-than-pageant-standards figure may hinder her chances of advancing further.


NIGERIA – Chioma Precious Obiadi.  In talk of who would become the African-most-likely, it’s currently a toss-up among this lady, Kenya, and South Africa.  Will there be room in the Top 16 for at least two of them?  She garnered a bronze for national costume in her continent.


PAKISTAN – Anzhelika Tahir.  She’s an attractive, solid contender.  She hass a surprisingly trim figure and for a staunchly Muslim country, she has no hesitation to wear a bikini.  She garnered gold in talent, in a tie with Slovenia.


PALESTINE – Natali Kantisi.  Speaking of staunchly Muslim countries, this lady staunchly refuses to wear the regulation swimsuit as she prefers to be modestly dressed.  At least let us welcome her presence here–the first time her country saw action in any major international pageant.


PERU – Brunella Fossa.  Here is another of the fierce Latinas in this year’s batch.  Will there be room for her in the Top 16,


ROMANIA – Crina Stinca.  She has a severe face, and since she has no Eco-Beauty video, she might be at a big disadvantage.


RUSSIA – Alexandra Cherepanova.  She is one of the buzzed about contenders in this year’s batch, garnering gold in long gown, silver in swimsuit, and bronze in resorts wear.


SLOVENIA – Maja Ana Strnad.  She at least has the consolation of garnering gold in talent


SRI LANKA – Disna Edirirathne.  Her feeatures may not be for all tastes, but she’s generally polished and worthwhile.


SWEDEN – Cloie Skarne.  She garnered media mileage because of who her parents are:  she’s the child of actor Gabby Concepcion and model/actress/fashion designer Jenny Syquia.  She adopted the surname of her stepfather after her mother remarried in 1997.  One might assume due to practices in earlier years that she was handpicked but the fact is she competed in the Miss Universe Sweden pageant, became a runner-up and because this national pageant also holds theMiss Earth franchise, she got the right to represent Sweden in this pageant.  There is heavy talk that she’ll be the one who’ll be the contestant of Filipina heritage to make the cut (and maybe bring forth the Philippine three-peat in this pageant).  There was precedent to this–back in 2007 the Philippine representative Jeanne Harn failed to advance but the winner, Canada’s Jessica Trisko, is of Filipino descent on her monther’s side.  I don’t mind seeing her garner an element but for delicadeza I don’t want to see a three-peat (even by proxy).  The medals she garnered are bronze in long gown and silver in national costume.


USA – Corrin Stellakis.  She’s one of those complete packages of looks, stage presence, intelligence, and environmental commitment.  She can sustain the elemental streak this country experienced with Andrea Neu in 2014 and Brittany Payne the following year.


ZIMBABWE – Sharon Enkromelle. She garnered silver for talent.  There are people who can appreciate her looks but I don’t know if the Filipino panel feels the same way.



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