NORWAY – Camilla Ellinor Devik.  I found her mother’s maiden surname is De Souza so her dark complexion may be either of Angolan, Brazilian or Mozambican origin.  She’s another one who delivered a strong performance, but let’s face it–as nice as her flowy baby blue gown was, there were other gowns that made stronger impact.  Still, a commendable performance overall.


PANAMA – Daniela Ochoa.  Here is another gorgeous Latina who delivered a strong performance, but couldn’t make the cut.  Again it’s the case of too many steller girls but too few slots to put them in a better spotlight.


PERU – Danea Panta.  See PANAMA


PORTUGAL – Carina Marques Frazão.  She’s not as polished as the other contenders out there, but she actually held her own very well.  She would’ve made more inroads if this was, say, 2013, but this year is just loaded with strong performers that she’s easily overshadowed.


PUERTO RICO – Gabriela Berrios.  I think this veteran delivered a stellar performance and I do get the hype and the frustration of Puerto RIcan fans when she was then shut out (again).  I think the Japanese-dominated panel was torn who to advance between her and Dominican Republic, and in this instance, they favored the Dominican (though I would’ve probably have it the other way around, especially with that lovely lacey evening gown).  It made me recall those the Flama videos featuring battles between who’s the best between Puerto Ricans and Dominicans and one Joanna Rants video which declared both are basically the same.


SIERRA LEONE – Maseray Zelda Swarray.  Here is another African lady whose features are clearly not to the Japanese tastes.  It doesn’t help that her figure is considered not toned enough for pageant standards, and she’s a bit unpolished.  Still it’s nice to have some radical diversity in this mix, and with her bright spirit as experienced by her peers, she was awarded Miss International Africa.


SINGAPORE – Wang Hui-qi.  She’s actually one of the stronger representatives fielded by this country in this pageant, but still not enough for this country to catch a break, as there are stellar Asians this year.


SLOVAK REPUBLIC – Michaela Menkyova.  She sported one of the weakest gowns in this batch, an obviously off-the-rack white minidress-with-train-to-qualify-as-a-gown.  Besides the gown, some would also quibble that her figure may not be as well-toned and she’s not as pretty as, say, Poland.  Still if given enough support and polish she could shine.


SOUTH AFRICA – Tharina Botes.  She’s delivered a strong performance in all categories, but still not a standout enough to bring forth her country’s breakthrough in this pageant.


SPAIN – Anabel Delgado Torres.  This country is traditionally a powerhouse in this pageant, but it failed to make serious inroads in recent years.  This lady’s features are rather angular and plain, making her one of the weakest representatives fielded by this country.  Still I give her credit for being polished onstage.


SRI LANKA – Ayesha Fernando.  Her red gown ins nice, but she’s obviously raw, espeically in swimsuit.


SWEDEN – Maria Taipaleenmäki.  See NETHERLANDS and NEW ZEALAND.  There are simply other blondes that impressed the judging panel more than these ladies.


TAIWAN – Ai-Ning Tan.  She’s the rawest among the contestants in this batch.


TUNISIA – Hiba Telmoudi.  Is she another talisman like the USA’s Olivia Jordan?  She competed with Megan Young at Miss World 2013 and now she competed with a Filipina who ended up winning the pageant.  Anyway, she’s a tad voluptuous for Japanese tastes, and a tad less polished onstage.  This country enjoyed a heyday back between 1996-2000 as it made the final cut four times in that period (it only missed 1999) and got as far as 1st runner-up in 1996.  Another piquant note–considering that back in Bali she had to be modestly draped in sarong in the Beach Beauty roudn, her swimsuit in this pageant revealed a lot of cleavage.


UKRAINE – Viktoria Klose.  Prior to the pageant finals, I preferred this brunette over Russia.  She was actually solid onstage, but I realize what made her fell short is flaws in styling, especially sporting those dark platform heels during swimsuit and evening gown–they are called “hooker heels” and I realize those shoes do make one look cheap.


UNITED KINGDOM – Romy Simpkins.  I bought into the hype about her, and I still maintains she delivered on the hype, though I have to agree Canada overshadowed her.  I think she missed the final cut by very little, though I still wish she made the cut instead of say, Russia, El Salvador, and Dominican Republic.  I could find any fault with her performance at all.


VENEZUELA – Jessica Duarte.  I’m still lamenting the elimination of “Marmegantina”.  I’m still mesmerized by her gorgeousness and I so adore her red evening gown with elaborate dramatic train–for me it’s the second most impressive gown of the night.  So what gives?


VIETNAM – Phạm Ngọc Phương Linh.  Here is another pretty Asian who delivered a consistently sterling performance but there is room for only four Asians in the Top 15.


All images courtesy of Jory Rivers for OPMB Worldwide unless otherwise indicated.


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