NIGERIA – Adaeze Obasi.  I wonder why she wasn’t in the African continent introduction video above?  She has a voluminous weave, doesn’t she?
PANAMA – Leydis Maybeth Gonzalez.  Judging from the representatives it’s been fielding lately, Panama is in a chocolate mood, isn’t it?  Kinda apt as cocoa is one of its key crops.  This lady is of the milk chocolate variety and makes a solid impression.  But I have a feeling a lady from the more southern parts is garnering most of the buzz, but it’s still possible that there coule be room for her.
PARAGUAY – Viviana Florentin.  She’s a good follow-up to the reigning Miss Supranational Stephania Stegman, but I don’t see her achieving a back-to-back for her country.  Still, with her patrician features, slim figure, and polished presence, she is most likely going to make the Top 25.
PERU – Silvana Vásquez.  This blonde does have good looks, though I’m not that sold on her charisma–but there are others who are into her and believe she has an inside track to the Top 25.
PHILIPPINES – Joanna Eden.  I dub her the “Queen of Satin” as I noticed she makes superb impact in solid satin numbers, like the maroon Jessica Rabbit-inspired one she wore at Bb. Pilipinas and the off-shoulder purple number she wore at the preliminaries (Nick Verreos dubbed her the best dressed of the bunch).  There are some Filipino pageant fans and pundits who seemed somewhat less than impressed by her, but I think she got what it takes not only to make Top Ten, but even possibly go as far as Top Five.
POLAND – Ewa Mielnicka.  It’s a given this raven-tressed lady will achieve vindication from being shut out in last year’s Miss International, and she’ll earn her keep as she has the looks, figure, and charisma to be worthy of belonging in the Top Ten.
PORTUGAL – Linda Cardoso.  When I see her face, the first thing that comes to mind is comedian Sarah Silverman.  Fortunately she doesn’t have Sarah”s high-pitched nasal voice, but still Sarah Silverman’s looks are not the sort that is appreciated in the pageant world, on top of the fact that this lady is obviously raw.
Sarah Silverman (image sourced from CraveOnline.com)
PUERTO RICO – Velmary Cabassa.  There are some angles where she looks good and some that are not as good.  She’s still a semifinalist possibility, albeit far from assured.
ROMANIA – Sinziana Sirghi.  There is something about her jawline that reminds me of Miss World 1973 1st runner-up Evangeline Pascual.  She is making a strong impression and is in many pundits’ Top 25 lists.
Evangeline Pascual (image courtesy of Tony Paat)
RUSSIA – Vlada Gritsenko.  She reminds me of Doctor Who actress (and “Honey to the Bee” singer) Billie Piper.  She doesn’t really fit my own notion of beauty, but there might be a whole bunch who would find her desirable, and that could give her an inside track to the Top 25.
Billie Piper (image sourced from ouchpress.com)
RWANDA – Colombe Akiwacu.  It might be a tossup between her and Angola as the black-African-most-likely.  She’s got the looks to pull off a streak for her country.
SCOTLAND – Angel Collins.  There is something about her skin color that hints she’s part-black.  She’s not your typical Scottish lass, that’s for sure.  Anyway, she is pretty, but making the Top 25 is far from assured.
SINGAPORE – Chloe Xu.  We don’t really expect much from a Singaporean girl in an international pageant, and so this girl will likely end up another also-ran.
SLOVAK REPUBLIC – Lenka Tekeljaková.  Her preliminary gown is a floral hot mess.  All right, she has a slim figure and an attractive face, but in any other year, she would not make the cut.  But I have a gnawing feeling because her country hosted some preliminary activities for this pageant, she will be granted a Top 25 slot.

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