HAWAII – Fletcher Barnes.  He was a last-minute entrant, and if you see his name, you may find the reason why–I think he is the US representative’s brother, who proabably accompanied him to look after him, and then was persuaded by the Mister Supranational organizers to compete as “Mr. Hawaii” as they find him cute enough to go head-to-head with the guys here.  Well, he’s obviously raw and is perhaps the shortest contestant in this pageant.  He might end up the “little-alterna-cutie-that-could”.



INDIA – Jitesh Naresh Thakur.  His female counterpart just won Miss Supranational (a second win for India).  This guy ticks all the boxes and has oodles of desirability and charisma to win it all–but I have a feeling he may have a key obstacle with the presence of Belarus and there is a possibility of Sri Lanka stealing some of his thunder–but then with the presence of Miss Supranational 2014 Asha Bhatt in the judging panel, I have this feeling he might sustain the Indian male pageant domination that began with Rohit Khandelwal’s victory in Mister World.



JAPAN – Ricky Wakabayashi.  For the East/Southeast Asian contingent, this guy seems to be generating the strongest buzz and will likely follow his female counterpart into the Top 20.



MALTA – Neil Scerri.  He is a good-looking scruffy dude, but there are so many of them that simply being good-looking may not be enough–it’s easy to dismiss him as “just-another-pretty-face”.  Others have ramped up in the charisma department, just like…



MEXICO – Diego Garcy.  He has made a major splash in the early proceedings, but it seems there is a threat to his prospects as I’ve heard of insider reports of clashes between him and some key personnel of the pageant, which may result with him being toppled from his front-runner status.  Such a shame if that talk is true.



NETHERLANDS – Rico Mallee.  He reportedly is enjoying his experience immensely in this pageant.  That might help him advance to the Top 20.  Another thing I’ll remember most about him is his derring-do to wear the skimpiest Speedo amongst these guys.



PANAMA – Michael Piggott.  Though we have contenders from Africa, the darkest skinned representative is this guy.  He epitomizes the concept of “Dark Chocolate”, and I can imagine girls being drawn to him and recall how dark chocolate…has antioxidants and can lower blood pressure.  I think he’s a shoo-in for the Top 20 with prospects of making the Top 10 and beyond.



PARAGUAY – Alexandre Kuhnen.  While Brazil resembles a more slender version of WIlliam Levy with dark hair, this guy is like a scrawny, awkward relative.



William Levy (image sourced from malecelebnews.com)

PERU – Alejandro Paz-Lopez.  At least he doesn’t look like Professor Snape like the way he did in his Manhunt International stint, as he grew back his beard and held his long hair in a man-bun.  It did improve his appeal, but I’m not certain if it is enough to improve on his standing in this pageant.  I visited the voting page and noticed he seemed to have the most votes until his picture was taken down (was there automated fraud involved?).  I’ll rate him a worthwhile contender.  UPDATE:  It seems he withdrew from the pageant–wonder what was the cause?



PHILIPPINES – AR de la Cerna.  I have to commend him for improving himself from his stint on Misters 2015: The Pageant, where he was initally a Top Ten semifinalist (and then promoted to first runner-up after the organization split).  But even with improvements, one would still wonder–does he have the qualities that appeal to European, Latin American, and Indian females?  I know if it’s held in the Philippines or anywhere in Southeast Asia I’ll be optimistic of his chances but here, I feel it’s 50-50.



POLAND – Rafal Jonkisz.  Well, this cutie is obviously shining on his home turf as he’s in a comfortable milieu and he’s already a celebrity.  He’s clearly going to get his best showing here–the question is, with the presence of stars like Belarus, Brazil, India, and Mexico, will a hometown win be acceptable?



PUERTO RICO – Christian Trenche.  Now, he decided to buck the scruffy trend and stuck to classic Latino clean-cut handsomeness, and I think it’s working very well for him and it made him a standout.  I picture him making the Top Ten.



All images courtesy of Leonardo Rodrigues for Mister Supranational unless otherwise indicated.


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