The Miss Earth stage (image courtesy of Noli Berioso for OPMB Worldwide)

BLOGGER’S NOTE:  Admittedly I have been remiss in my full-fledged pageant reviews due to several circumstances beyond my control.  Now that my schedule has freed up (somewhat), I’ve decided to seize the opportunity to make up for lost time and frame my pageant reviews in a “Year-In-Review” context.  Of course the Miss International review has been posted last November, so now I’ll focus on posting my way-overdue Miss Earth, Miss Supranational, Mister Supranational and Miss World reviews…

The 16th edition of Miss Earth promised to be a leap in the right direction for this beleaguered pageant, with a strong quality of delegates, promisingly stronger production values, and a broader more jazzed up stage at the Mall of Asia arena.  This pageant seems all set to recover lost credibility amongst non-Filipino pageant fans and pundits–was redemption imminent?

The production and conduct of the coronation night seems to have gone smoothly and the tight, compact two-hour schedule guarantees a fast-paced pageant.  As is now a Miss Earth trademark, the 83 delegates emerged onstage strutting and dancing fiercely to Fifth Harmony’s “That’s My Girl”, clad in eco-themed black casual wear.  It was a fun, bright, and strong opening for the proceedings.


The pageant was hosted by the duo of Rovilson Fernandez and Marc Nelson, seasoned hosts who also presented in some pan-Asian cable programs like Asia’s Got Talent.  In general they are near-flawless throughout as befitting their hosting experiences.

Hosts Rovilson Fernandez and Marc Nelson

The main musical guest was the Filipina girl group 4th Impact, renowned for placing 5th in the 2015 edition on X-Factor (UK).  They performed a lively fierce version of a single from another X-Factor (UK) alumni, Fleur East‘s* “Sax”.  Though Fleur East remains peerless, the quartet kept the crowd pumping with their energy and vocal chops (and grizzled experience from competing in various singing competitions here and abroad).

*Fleur East was runner-up in the 2014 edition of that reality singing competition.

Interval act 4th Impact

As I mentioned above the pageant format was brisk and straightforward–after the opening number, special awards were announced, then the 83 delegates were cut to the Top 16, and the Top 16 paraded in swimsuit and evening gown, before the Top Eight are quizzed with their own insights of given hashtags.  Then the eight will be whittled down to the Final Four where they are then asked a single question.  The swimsuit sequence was scored to a remix of “Girls Like” by Tinie Tempah featuring Zara Larsson, with the main artist’s raps removed from the remix.  The evening gown sequence, meanwhile, was scored to a medley of a string-laden instrumental remix of the Chainsmokers’ “Closer” (featuring Halsey) and a remix of Kiiara’s “Gold”.

Now, let’s discuss the non-finalists of note:

INDONESIA – Luisa Andrea Soemitha.  She goes down in history for that notorious gaffe, where Italy was called to the Top 16 and she stepped forward instead.  Unlike what happened back in 2007 where Liberia misheard her country’s name instead of actual quarter-finalist Nigeria, there is no phonetic resemblance between her country and Italy (only a shared initial letter).  She later posted a video apologizing for the gaffe as shown below.

UKRAINE – Alena Belova.  Her video was singled out as one of the Top Three best Eco-Beauty videos.  It’s worth checking out below:

MOLDOVA – Tatiana Ovcinicova.  Now this lady won with her Eco-Beauty video.  It’s a worthy winner as it combines substantial information about her country, a human interest angle about her background (she grew up in an orphanage), and relevant ecological information about her tiny country, all in a compact three minutes.  It’s sweet how overwhelmed and surprised she felt when she was declared the winner.


WALES – Charlotte Hitchman.  She won Miss Eco-Warrior for her social media engagement promoting the cause.  This pretty lass probably only missed the final cut by very little.