In general the Top 25 earned their way to this hallowed group, battling out an extremely competitive batch this year that included shut-outs like Dindi Pajares and Angelique de Leon.  Even here, we can see the Kagandahang Flores camp roaring back to life, boasting 11 ladies in the Top 25 while Aces & Queens  still has the slight majority with 12, and two occupied by independents.  Without further ado, let’s proceed with…

BINIBINING 27 – Beatrice Valente [KF].  For most pageant fans and pundits, this lady is the big headscratcher, as her facial features are among the plainest in this year’s otherwise comely batch and her figure is not that toned.  Sure her pageant experience (like representing Italy at Miss Earth) gave her an edge in interview, many fans would still question–seriously is she really better than Dindi or Angelique?

BINIBINING 33 – Kristie Rose Cequeña [KF].  She was outside of my radar but I’m not mad at all at her inclusion as she does have an attractive face and solid communication skills.  But I do quibble that her figure is not that up to snuff to the rest of the Top 25 and she’s styled matronly in her purple evening gown.

BINIBINING 37 – Sammie Anne Legazpi [KF].  She’s another one who was just outside my radar (though I thought she was worthwhile) as she has good looks and a buffed figure.  However she is hampered by the matronly styling during the evening gown competition as she sported a busy, heavily embroidered purple gown.  With a bettter gown she could’ve made better inroads.

BINIBINING 9 – Vanessa Saliba [A&Q].  I would’ve ranked this Filipina-Lebanese higher because of her good looks if ittt weren’t for the fact that tthere was some rawness in her overall presentation.  If she still wants to pursue this arena, she does have ample time to develop and compete in subsequent editions as she’s only 21 years old–which means she can conceivably attempt five more times before being aged out.

BINIBINING 6 – Maria Benjieleen Nama [KF].  Having watched Road to the Crown and saw her other interview videos, I know that was her ticket to make this hallowed group.  She may be a non-entity in tthe swimsuit round, but she looked lovely and properly styled in her green sequined evening gown.

BINIBINING 38 – Ana Patricia Asturias [A&Q].  It’s not a surprise she made the cut as she has good looks, a trim figure, and a polished presentation.  It’s simply that other ladies made a more stellar impact.

BINIBINING 1 – Dane Felisse Marasigan [A&Q].  I pegged her as a sleeper possibility for the Top 15.  She seemed o be on-track with her trim figure and gorgeous face,   But she was prevented from advancing to the Top 15 by her yellow bustier gown–I hate the extra fabric at the bust, and I feel the gown is poorly constructed.  At least she has the consolation of winning the talent award with her decent job tackling Celine Dion‘s “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now–albeit imperfect, she managed to hit almost all the notes so she’s rewarded as singing any Celine Dion song has an inherently high degree of difficulty.

BINIBINING 7 – Jennyline Carla Malpaya [A&Q].  She does have stage flair and a buffed figure going for her.  Unfortunately, just like Dane Felisse, she’s saddled with a weak yellow gown–though there is a little drama with the shoulder fabric, the front embroidery is just too busy for comfort and that was the obstacle preventing her from advancing to the Top 15.

BINIBINING 2 – Arienne Louise Calingo [A&Q].  She’s generally polished enough though  a little short in the charisma department.  But with an extra polish and an extra dose of charisma, she could be a major threat in a year or two as she is aces in the interview department (pun slightly intended).

BINIBINING 26 – Ruffa Nava [KF].  I wonder if the preliminary impression carried over to the finals, as Ruffa was a polished presence in boh swimsuit and evening gown rounds, showcasing an improved healthier trim figure in swimsuit and delivering some drama in her floral pink gown.  I said that because though she has a great rise-from-rags human interest story, her interview skills are known to be below par from the rest.  Or maybe if indeed the preliminary scores were ttossed and reset, maybe the panel of judges simply ttook a better liking to those who made the Top 15.



  1. I noticed that you noted Kimberly Pajares as your “Ruth Ocumarez” awardee on your esults reaction post, but I guess you’re referring to DINDI. Kimberly’s name is also mentioned twice in this post. but again I believe you’re referring to her more competitive sister.

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