The ultimate outcome was very much expected, with Peru (Maria Jose Lora) winning the pageant.  Same goes with the pick of quarterfinalists, semifinalists and finalists.  I got 15 out of the 20 quarterfinalists correct, but the ones I didn’t get were in my Bubbling Under list anyway, and one who was in my Striking Distance list I underrated just a tad in hindsight–that lady in question was Australia (Kassandra Kashian).

Pleasant surpirse: Australia (Kassandra Kashian)

Considering they placed previously in other major pageants, it was expected that Argentina (Yoana Don), who made Top 15 at last year’s Miss International, and Belgium (Rachel Nimegeers), who was 11th at Miss Supranational 2015, would make the cut here.  But as strong as these ladies performed here, luck didn’t fall in their favor this time and they are runners-up for the Ruth Ocumarez Award.

Ruth Ocumarez finalists: Argentina (Yoana Don) and Belgium (Rachel Nimegeers)

Fans reckon that the Ruth Ocumarez award belongs to either the buzzworthy Lithuania ( Irmina Preišegalavičiūtė) or Malaysia (Sanjeda John).  There are merits to those arguments

Ruth Ocumarez Award (Fan Choices): Lithuania (Irmina Preišegalavičiūtė) and Malaysia (Sanjeda John).

I was under the impression that Ecuador (Analía Vernaza Daulón) was so on point that she seemed in contention for the winners’ circle, but it turns out insiders beg to differ and she was shut out.  She’s my personal choice for the Ruth Ocumarez Award.

I’m very pleased that Philippines (Elizabeth Durado Clenci) became the best-performing Southeast Asian, as I originally thought it seemed her almost-equally pageant ga-ga neighbors (including the host country) had the edge.  In many ways she exceeded my expectations and her 2nd runner-up finish is well-deserved.  Though my circle of pageant friends and pundits have quibbles about the coronation photos of the winner, I would defend hat Peru (Maria Jose Lora) won the title fair and square.  I will post my full-fledged review around mid-December after all he flurry of upcoming pageants are done, as a year-in-review retrospective.  For now, I should say, congratulations to all the winners!



Miss Grand International 2017 Winners’ Circle: 4th Runner-Up Czech Republic (Nikola Uhlirová), 2nd Runner-Up Philippines (Elizabeth Dorado Clenci), Miss Grand International 2017 Peru (Maria Jose Lora), 1st Runner-Up Venezuela (Tulia Aleman Ferrer) and 3rd Runner-Up Puerto Rico (Brenda Azaria Jimenez)


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