ITALY – Barbara Storoni.  She has the looks of a sexy bombshell, but not quite the charisma that she is so far ending up as just another pretty face.

JAMAICA – Nicole Stoddart.  She’s polished, but her sort of features are not the sort that is appreciated in this pageant.

JAPAN – Yuki Koshikawa.  She may not be that conventionally pretty but she has the trim figure and charisma to have an inside track to the Top 25.

KAZAKHSTAN – Bota Kamza.  She’s a good-looking Asian, but her projection and styling lacks finesse.

KENYA –  Ivy Mido.  There is something about her facial expressions that make her seem grim and a downer, as if she’s constantly sad about something.  Obviously this is not the sort of look this pageant appreciates.

KOREA – Jenny Kim.  She’s a pretty Asian with a trim figure and strong projection skills.  She can make the Top 25.

MALTA – Anthea Zammit.  Her most prominent feature is her unruly mass of curls.  Not the sort that is highly appreciated in this pageant.

MEXICO – Samantha Leyva.  There are some pageant fans and pundits hyping her as a strong contender, but I don’t really get it–I find her features a tad too exotic for comfort.  But then again, Mexico is a strong sash in this pageant, and well, like Brazil’s Monalysa Alcantara at the recently concluded Miss Universe pageant, perhaps her sort of features are appreciated in this pageant.

MYANMAR – Shwee Hmuu Han.  There are Southeast Asians more charismatic than her in my opinion, but based from the high amount of photos of her by the official photographers of this pageant, she might be highly favored and hence make the Top 25 and beyond.

NAMIBIA – Meriam Kaxux Wena.  Many people (including myself) will find extreme difficulty pronouncing her name, as the “X” part of her name (Kaxux) is actually a click sound (the sound of trotting horses).  She has a lean, trim figure and a polished presence, but she’s overshadowed by two prettier black Africans who are likely to make the Top 25 over her.

NETHERLANDS – Shanna Boeff.  She seems to have the prettiness and sparkle to be one of the most likely to advance to the Top 25.

NORWAY – Yasmin Osee Akree.  Her features are too angular and her styling too pageant patty to make any serious inroads to the Top 25.

PANAMA – Karol Dayana Batista.  I think the idealized Latina beauty is similar to the fairy tale character of Snow White, possessing jet black tresses and luminous fair complexion.  This lady has those qualities and she can make an impact and make the Top 25.



CROATIA – Eni Sukunda.  Her prospects for advancing to the Top 25 depends if there are enough people who appreciate her slightly elongated face and mature vibe.  She’s actually good looking, but not for everyone’s tastes.

CZECH REPUBLIC – Tereza Vickova.  This brunette has an ingenue prettiness that could assure her of a Top 25 slot.

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC – Lia Rossis.  She’s good looking and polished but there are other ladies sparkling brighter than her.

ECUADOR – Katty Lopez.  See DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, though she’s emanating a less charismatic version of J. Lo (Jennifer Lopez).

EL SALVADOR – Pia Trigueros.  Her pretty features look vaguely Asian and that could intrigue judges enough for her to make the Top 25.

ETHIOPIA – Bitaniya Yosef.  She’s one of two very pretty Africans in this batch, so she seems to have an inside track into the Top 25.

FINLAND – Erika Helin.  This blonde is pretty but her figure is a tad thicker and her presentation not as polished as other contenders, which could hamper her chances of advancing to the Top 25.


FRANCE – Deborah Jacquin-Gottfried.  There are flattering and unflattering angles about her, so I’m not that confident of her chances making the Top 25.

GERMANY – Mona Schafnitzl.  Yes, there are some beauty icons like Vanessa Paradis and Lauren Hutton who are known for their gap teeth, but it’s likely that feature on this lady would be taken agains er and prevent her from advancing to the Top 25.

GIBRALTAR – Sian Dean.  She’s attractive, but not polished or charismatic enough to make the Top 25.

GUADELOUPE – Lorina Victoria Moderne.  Her braids remind me of actress Zendaya at the Oscars two years ago, and I’m tempted to be like Giuliana Rancic and make that offensive joke, but I won’t do that.  She’s attractive but I don’t think her braids are enough to impress the judges.

Zendaya at the 2015 Oscars (image courtesy of Getty Images)

INDIA – Peden Ongmu Nangyal.  Something about her name and facial features made me think she originates from an area close to the Indian-Chinese border as her name sounds Tibetan and her features seem to have a touch of East Asian on them.  She may make the Top 25, but giving India a back-to-back win is not likely.

INDONESIA – Karina Nadila.  She exudes cosmopolitan Asian sophistication, which could make her a contender for the Top 10 and beyond.





I was expecting that this pageant will recover from the attrition it experienced last year, when it dropped from 82 in 2015 to 71 in 2016.  Instead, it dropped a bit further, with a final tally of 65.  It’s still a good number, but hopefully next year its roster will recover.

It could have been 66, but England (Kenzie Annie James) flew back home two days after arriving at the pageant, supposedly due to stress.

Withdrew after two days: England (Kenzie Annie James)

How are the remaining 65 contestants of this pageant?  There are strong contenders no doubt about it, but if they stand well compared to delegates from years past, read on…

ALBANIA – Alessia Coku.  She’s a pretty ingenue who isn’t that buzzed about, but still a wortwhile Top 25 possibility.

ANGOLA – Janice Quessongo.  She’s a polished-enough worthwhile contender, but there are prettier Arricans out there who will likely advance over her.

AUSTRALIA – Alecia McCallum.  She has a prettiness and a vibrant vibe that is prized in this pageant so it is likely she’ll make the cut.

BELARUS – Olga Gribovskaya.  It’s almost tradition for this pageant that this country makes the cut and this pretty lady notable for her straight, waist-length brunette tresses will definitely be in the fray.

BELGIUM – Kim Detollenaere.  She can qualify as pretty but there are several contenders prettier than her.  To her credit she’s generally polished.

BOLIVIA – Romina Rocamonje Fuentes.  She’s good looking and has a fit, shapely bod but I’m on the fence with her.  Sometimes she turns up the sexy vibe too strongly but other times she had finesse.

BRAZIL – Thayna Lima.  She’s a strong contender wyo looks like a lock for the Top 25.

CANADA – Karema Batotele.  Canada is a multiracial, multicultural country so it’s no surprise to see this lady of color representing this country.  She’s trim and attractive, but I don’t know if she has enough charisma and vibrancy to make the cut.

CAPE VERDE – Prissy Gomes.  She has a pretty headshot, but there’s something about her styling that is off-putting (I particularly have issues with her hair color and heavy makeup and makeup colors).  For me she registers more like a drag queen instead of a beauty queen.

CHILE – Constanza Schmith.  She has a classic girlish prettiness that I feel could not only make her a Top 25 shoo-in, but advance further to the Top 10.

CHINA – Diana Liao.  She’s not conventionally pretty, but she does strike fierce poses that could make her a sleeper possibility for the Top 25.

COLOMBIA – Tica Martinez.  There are pageant fans and pundits hyping her as a possible crown contender, possibly equaling or exceeding the 2nd runner-up finish of Mónica Castaño two years ago.  I agree with that assessment.

COSTA RICA – Nicole Menayo.  Her features have an angularity that is not usually favored in most pageants, including this one.