ITALY – Conny Notarstefano.  She is perceived as the strongest performer in this group as she figured in the Sports and Talent fast-track events, placing third in the latter with her rhythmic gymnastics/dance routine.  She also secured her slot in the Top 40 by winning this group’s Head-to-Head challenge.  Her features kinda fall a bit short on what I would classify as beautiful, but she is attractive and could advance further to the Top 15.

ANGOLA – Judelsia Bache.  She does have beauty and charm but she is deemed a tad raw compared to predecessors from her country.  So at most she will be deemed a worthwhile contender.

AUSTRIA – Sarah Chvala.  Many pageant fans and pundits felt she actually was the one who performed best during the Head-to-Head challenge, although Italy garnered the most votes to advance.  Let’s see if she scores high enough in the judges’ interviews to make the Top 40.

GUADELOUPE: Audrey Berville.  She possesses that striking exotic vibe that garnered some strong fan support, and it was her ticket to a Top Model shortlist.

GEORGIA – Keti Shekelashvili.  She got compliments for her looks but otherwise she has not made much impact.

BAHAMAS – Geena Thompson.  She has strong communications skills and made her mark in the Sports fast-track event.  Could she score high enough in the judges’ interview to secure one of the Top 15 slots?


ISRAEL – Rotem Rabi.  I don’t find her conventionally pretty but she possesses that hip modern vibe that the powers-that-be in this organization sometimes dig very much (like Linor Abargil back in 1998).  That modern vibe gave her a shortlist in the Top Model event.  Could she parlay her vibe to a Top 15 judges’ interview slot?

COTE D’IVOIRE – Mandjalia Gbane.  She’s a striking African stunner with superb stage presence.  It’s a given she deserves her slot in the Top Model fast track.  Just like Israel, would that factor be enough to impress the judges in the interview?

MAURITIUS – Bessika Bucktawor. She’s good looking but needed a bit more polish to make any significant impact.

ALBANIA – Joana Grabolli.  She gave a strong final answer, but otherwise she hasn’t made much of an impact.

BOLIVIA – Jasmin Pinto.  She’s a gorgeous looker who hasn’t figured in any fast-track.  Though there is a possibility she could make an impression in the judges’ interview but things seem to be pointing towards a shortlist for the Holly Carpenter Award.

ARGENTINA: Avril Marco.  Though her girlish features have its share of passionate supporters and a few passionate detractors, she does possess a lot of charm and indeed made the best impact in the Head-to-Head challenge, to the point she won it and secured a slot in the Top 40.  She also made the Sports fast-track shortlist.


BELGIUM – Romanie Schotte.  She has a resemblance to Love Story actress Ali McGraw.  She has a striking look, but registers as reserved that she might not make the much needed impact.

Ali McGraw circa 1970 (image courtesy of Vogue.com)

CAMEROON –  Akomo Minkata.  She’s one of the better looking Africans out there and her singing skills helped her garner a showcase in the Talent show.  Could that be her ticket to impress the powers-that-be in the judges’ interview?


NEPAL – Nikita Chandak.  Sure she is good-looking and articulate enough, but her Head-to-Head challenge win is primarily propelled by the active Nepali pageant fanbase voting for her.  

GUINEA – Asmaou Diallo.  Her exotic appeal helped her secure a slot in the Top Model fast-track, and she proved athletic enough to be shortlisted in Sports.  Even with a strong final answer, she didn’t quite impress in the Head-to-Head challenge so those fast-track shortlists could be her big highlights.

Hugging teammate Argentina

MADAGASCAR – Felana Tirindraza.  She does have a likable charm about her, but she’s obviously raw and unpolished.  

CHILE – Victoria Stein.  I personally thought she was the best of this group in the Head-to-Head challenge, but there are others who felt she sounded too over-rehearsed or over-prepared.  I’m rooting for her to shine in the judges’ interview, but if that didn’t pan out, well, she’s a prime candidate for the Holly Carpenter Award.