GUAM – Samuel Hashimoto.  Wonder what does a Best Charm award mean, exactly?  Anyway it’s interesting that based on his name he shares the same Japanese heritage as his successful predecessor, Jon Kanemoto.  He may make the final cut with his Asian boyish features, but I still think his predecessor was better.

HONG KONG – Zhang Jian.  Another baffling special award is Best Masculine Charm won by this guy.  Yes, he is masculine and appealing (the best from the Mainland Chinese trio) and he has the best prospects of advancing to the semifinals, though I don’t think he’ll duplicate Ba Te Er‘s 1st runner-up showing last year.

INDIA – Madhusudhan R.  I wonder if for religious purposes he is insistent of keeping his full beard.  I appreciate his swarthy beefy appeal, but I’m not sure Alex Liu and the Thais share that opinion and are not yet ready for his sort to make inroads.

INDONESIA – Andry Permadi.  He knows how to strike fierce poses in his national costume, and though I find his face a bit too Asian boy-next-door, I think he has a strong chance of making the final cut.

KOREA – Kim SeongMin.  He’s one of the tallest contestants is this pageant, towering over many of these guys.  Will his height be enough to appeal to the judges?  He does have polish, but is his lean, sinewy frame a bit too skinny for their tastes?

LAOS – Chantahore Vilaysarn.  Not only is this country debuting in the female pageant realm, they are also dipping their toes in this arena with this guy.  Sponsor Loo Chang Huat liked him enough to grant him 2nd runner-up honors for the Loo Chang Huat Model award.  I think he should treat this as te highlight of his stint here.

LEBANON – Gaetan Osman.  This country has already made a huge splash in other major international pageants, but has not really made as strong an impact in this pageant, although four semifinalist finishes are nothing to sneeze at and it can be argued its previous entry, Bilal Zaweel, was its best showing yet (unofficially 6th place, I’ve heard).  Between Bilal and this guy, I would still find Bilal more (ravishingly) desirable, but I think this is this country’s best shot for finally winning this contest.  He may have come in with a mustache in the early parts of the competition, but shaving it reveals that classic handsomeness that Alex Liu and company prizes.  He looks great either way.  He got a special award called The One Award–I wonder if this is foreshadowing his eventual win in this contest?

MACAU – Tan Shuai.  There might be Chinese people who would find him appealing.  Anyway, he garnered an award for Best Image Representative–perhaps they feel he can be a good product endorser, somehow.

F.Y.R. MACEDONIA – Vladimir Dimitrievski.  He’s boyishly handsome, but his less-than-toned slender frame is not something that this pageant values.

MALAYSIA – Gan Kai Han.  He has a nice smile, but his main selling point is basically his beefy, rippled bod.  Would that be enough for him to make the cut?

MONGOLIA – Battur Batbaatar.  I find his long forelocks a bit edgy, but I’m not sure if that would be enough for him to make the final cut.  I don’t understand how he got the Best Sunshine Smile special award as I don’t quite see anything sunshine-y about his photos–perhaps he’s a perky chipper fellow behind-the-scenes?

MYANMAR – Kaung Khant Thu.  See INDONESIA, albeit not as handsome but sharing a similar appeal.

NEPAL – Samim Khan.  Though I have issues with his costume, which I find looks very cheesy and homemade, I find him to be the handsomest among the guys from the Indian Subcontinent.  He also has a buffed physique too.  I was actually rating him as one of the front-runners, but buzz seems to be muted about him for some odd reason.  Even if he didn’t win any special award thus far, I’m rooting for him to go far.  He’s arguably the best representative this country has ever sent to any male international pageant.


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