The results of this year’s Miss Supranational was surprising to me.  Several supposed “sure things” were shut out, and at least three ladies who are outside the radar made the cut.  As it is I got 13 out of 25 correct.  Sure seven of the 12 I missed were in my “Bubbling Under” list and two were in my “Striking Distance” list, but I was shocked with three ladies who made it who were outside my radar.

Let’s start with Jamaica (Nicole Stoddard) and South Sudan (Anyier Teresa Yuoi).  Sure, they are worthwhile exotic choices, but there were a bunch of prettier faces and vibrant personalities that were shut out in their place.  I may have underrated Jamaica a bit, and South Sudan had some fans from her stint at Grand International last year, but still if you see the Top FIve contenders for the Ruth Ocumarez Award, you would wonder, these two over them?

Surprising and possibly underrated: Jamaica and South Sudan

But the big surprise was the high regard for Costa Rica (Nicole Alvarado).  Many pageant fans and pundits (including myself) feel her features are too angular, but yet she strangely won favor from the power-that-be, being prominently featured in pre-taped segments and advancing further to the Top Ten.  She’s the biggest headscratcher for me.


Most headscratching: Costa Rica

A surprising shut-out for me is Singapore (Lynn Teo) as she seems to possess the bubbly charm that this pageant seems to look for.  Wonder what made her fall short?  As such, she’s my fourth runner-up for the Ruth Ocumarez Award.

Ruth Ocumarez Award 4th runner-up: Singapore

Taking 2nd and 3rd runner-up for the Ruth Ocumarez Award are two European countries with apparently strong ties with this pageant that it’s a shock that they’re booted out when in other years weak contestants from these countries would still be allowed in.  Both Belarus (Olga Gribovskaya) and Slovak Republic (Michaela Cmarková) are polished great lookers who seemed to be shoo-ins but somehow the powers-that-be did not view them with favor for some odd reason.  Were they weak interviews or was something was up with their conduct?  Or in the case for the latter, perhaps punishment for the cold conduct of her predecessor?

Ruth Ocumarez 3rd and 2nd runner-up: Belarus and Slovak Republic

The Top Two ladies for the Ruth Ocumarez award are two Spanish-speaking stunners who were rated highly by many pageant fans and pundits.  So why did they miss out of the Top 25?  Issues of conduct or weakness in interview again?  The first runner-up is from the country that garnered the acfual first runner-up honors last year:  Venezuela (Geraldine Duque).  The winner for me was one of my favorites to win it all, Spain (Beatriz Balseiro Cendán).  Seriously, Costa Rica over these ladies?

Ruth Ocumarez winner and 1st runner-up: Spain and Venezuela

Though I know Korea (Jenny Kim) is worthy of making the Top 25 (and probably beyond), little did I know how beloved she is amongst insiders to bring forth her country’s first ever victory in a major international pageant.  Clinching the deal was the final Q&A in my opinion,  Though I’m slightly sad that the Philippines (Chanel Olive Thomas) didn’t make the Top Five, making the Top Ten is still an achievement worth celebrating as for the last three editions we failed to even crack that level.  I think the scenario that befell Rachel Peters also applies here–she did her very best but the judges deemed the five who made it too strong.  More on that when I post my full-fledged review of this pageant (after I complete posting my review of all the other major pageants).  For now, I salute all the ladies in the winners’ circle and salute Chanel’s sterling performance.



Congratulations for a job well done, Chanel Olive Thomas!
The Winners’ Circle: 4th runner-up Puerto Rico (Larissa Santiago), 2nd runner-up Romania (Bianca Tirsin), Miss Supranational 2017 Korea (Jenny Kim), 1st runner-up Colombia (Martha Luz Martinez), and 3rd runner-up Ethiopia (Bitaniya Yosef Mohammed)