Unlike my relatively poor prediction of Miss Supranational results, I’m greatly pleased that my prediction ratio has greatly improved for Mister Supranational.  I got 16 out of 20 quarterfinalists, six out of ten semifinalists, and four out of the Top Five.  Plus I got the winner right.  Not that there are surprises that exist,

For starters, I pegged Suriname (Arthur de Nobrega Semoedi) at the bottom two, even if he is a major improvement compared to his predecessor.  I think the judges love his kind of less-polished cuteness, and he had a nicely buffed body to justify giving him high marks.

Surprise showing: Suriname

I only pegged Philippines (Yves Campos) in my “Striking Distance” list as I (and other pageant fans and pundits, including fellow Filipinos) have issues with the lack of definition in his physique.  But it seems he manages to charm the judges with his cuteness and vibrant personality that he squeaked through the Top 20 (he was officially ranked 20th), ahead of some more touted contenders.

Getting by on charm and cuteness: Philippines

I was expecting based on tradition Belarus (Dzianis Alkhovik) and Czech Republic (David Jaček) would make the final cut but I’m kinda glad they didn’t   Belarus for me was just a big let down from his hunky predecessor and Czech Republic registers a lot like a himbo so their non-placements are justified.

Justifiably out: Belarus and Czech Republic

The runners-up for the Lucas Malvacini Award are two good-looking Asians who missed the cut for divergent reasons.  In the case of Pakistan (Raffay Khan), he has enough charm and looks to make it but missed it by a sliver, ranking 21st place.  In the case of Thailand (Aratch Wittayakorn), he had so much potential with his utterly handsome Eurasian features.   It’s such a shame sometimes his eyebags may make him look as if he’s tired and exhausted , and there is the major issue about his lack of skills speaking in English and he ended up among the dreaded bottom nine contestants.

Runners-up for the Lucas Malvacini Award: Pakistan and Thailand

The winner of the Lucas Malvacini Award is Germany (Jan Laskowski)–they did trot out a leaderboard during the programme, and it turns out it is now based on overall performance, and based on scores reportedly from formal wear and interview, he was initially in the Top 10.  But somehow he plummeted out of the Top 20, to 22nd place.  Was his stage presence that weak to merit such a drop?  At least there is consolation for the Germans as Afghanistan (Hamid Noor) made the cut.

Lucas Malvacini Award winner: Germany

For many pageant fans and pundits, indeed the results were totally satisfying.  All prove to be worthy of belonging there and placing as high as they placed–yes, I may have overrated Puerto Rico (Alexander Rivera) but even if he ended up bubbling under the Top Ten, the guys who made the Top Ten are worthy.  Yes, the winner Venezuela (Gabriel Jose Correa) may not have given a strong answer in the final Q&A, but his overall charisma was simply too undeniable that indeed his victory was inevitable.  I’ll post a full-fledged review of this pageant most likely around Christmas time.  For now, congratulations to all the winners!



The awesome winners’ circle: 4th runner-up Mexico (Hector Javier Parga), 2nd runner-up Brazil (Matheus Song), Mister Supranational 2017 Venezuela (Gabriel Jose Correa), 3rd runner-up Slovakia (Michal Gajdošech) and 1st runner-up Spain (Alejandro Cifo)