BINIBINING 21 – Anjame Magbitang.  She has a statuesque stature (at 5’11”), appealing native features and a trim figure, but she would need a bit more polishing especially in the interview department to be in serious contention in the future.  U – 7; I – 6; S – 7; GI – 6.5, IC – 7; G – 7.

BINIBINING 22 – Sophia Baino.  She is good looking, though we Filipinos tend not to appreciate her nose as our ideals are more on the aquiline side.  She’s actually a good communicator so she can make inroads to the Top 25 and possibly Top 15.  U – 7.5, I – 7, S – 7.5, GI – 7, IC – 7.5, G – 7.5.

BINIBINING 23 – Ena Louis Velasco.  Her background as a medical doctor, strong communication skills, and trim figure generated heavy buzz that she can become one of the possible titleholders.  I don’t really find her conventionally pretty, but she’s attractive enough to pass muster for me.  There is heavy talk she is one of the ladies who is guaranteed to clinch a title–perhaps International or Grand International would be the best fit for her qualities.  U – 9, I – 9, S – 8.5, GI – 9.5, IC – 8.5, G – 9.

BINIBINING 24 – Edjelyn Joy Gamboa.  She made the Top 15 two years ago in this pageant, and she seems poised to duplicate her feat this time.  She displayed a lot of charm in her 30-second word-or-object-association challenge, but I’m rooting for her to vindicate her weak Top 15 onstage interview two years ago.  U – 8, I – 8, S – 8.5, GI – 8, IC – 8.5, G – 9.

BINIBINING 25 – Jerelleen Rodriguez.  In terms of facial beauty, she’s one of the least regarded, but she more than makes up for it with her trim figure and her intelligence and gab, since she’s a teacher by profession.  Will her intelligence and gab help her achieve a Top 25 finish?  U – 7; I – 6.5, S – 6, GI – 7, IC – 6.5, G – 7.

BINIBINING 26 – Wynonah Buot.  There are pageant fans hyping her as a possible upset choice for the winners’ circle.  She is a strong contender and probably a Top 15 shoo-in, but I’m not as confident about her landing the winners’ circle as some are.  U – 8.5, I – 8.5, S – 8.5, GI – 8.5, IC – 8.5, G – 8.5.

BINIBINING 27 – Henna Kaizzelle Nicole “KC” Cajandig.  In 2013, she became a candidate due to someone being disqualified, but she has since vindicated herself, first with a respectable performance in the 2013 edition of this pageant and at Miss World Philippines that same year, then another go at Miss World Philippines last year which yielded her a Top 15 finish.  She looks poised to have an inside track for the Top 15 for this pageant this time, though perhaps further finetuning in nailing her interview under pressure.  U – 8, I – 8, S – 8.5, GI – 8, IC – 8.5, G – 8.5.

BINIBINING 28 – Angelica Mae Corbe.  She’s good looking but not really gathering much buzz.  She can either be an underrated beauty or a possible sleeper surprise.  Let’s see how that turns out on coronation night.  U – 8, I – 8, S – 8, GI – 8, IC – 8, G – 8.

BINIBINING 29 – Samantha Kaye Avestruz.  Though she noted that she doesn’t really have that much confidence when she speaks in public, she actually acquitted herself very well during the times she spoke in the Road to the Crown TV special.  Amongst a compeitive group of delegates, her face may not be one of the standouts but with more confidence she can make more serious inroads–she just needs to believe in herself a bit more as she has strong potential to unveil her best self.  U – 6.5, I – 6, S – 6.5, GI – 5.5, IC – 6.5, G – 7

BINIBINING 30 – Sarah Joson.  She’s another one whose face is not the conventionally pretty sort, but her background as a community trainer gives her a bit of an edge in the communications department–though she didn’t quite nail the 30-second word-or-object-association challenge even with strong ideas being presented.  Interesting note about her national costume (which was among the 10 shortlisted)–it’s essentially Elizabeth Clenci’s national costume at Miss Grand International last year.  I was deservingly a standout.  U – 7, I – 6, S – 6.5, GI – 6.5, IC – 6.5, G – 7.


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