For the 12th edition of the Mister International pageant, Myanmar is playing host to 36 strapping gentlement competing for the honor of winning this title.  The swimsuit shoot done on the second day after contestant arrivals was an eye-opener as we are treated to a bevy of washboard abs–only the cast of 300 would top this parade of washboards.  Now the question is:  do the 36 contestants have the handsomeness, sex appeal, and charisma to match those washboards?  Let’s take a survey of the scene ry starting with…

BELGIUM – Robby Voets.  The first thing I noticed about him was that he resembles actor Ed Quinn, best known for playing Kat Dennings‘ love interest in Two Broke Girls and Justina Machado‘s most recent love interest in the Netflix revival of Norman Lear‘s classic One Day at a Time.  He has a low-key handsomeness about him, but he’s currently bubbling under the radar.

Ed Quinn (image courtesy of CBS)

BOLIVIA – Ruben Herrera.  Even if he has a swarthy handsomeness that I like and a Mister Supranational stint (2017) under his belt, he registers as raw so it’s not likely he’ll make the final cut.

BRAZIL – Leonardo Nobre.  This country is one of the big powerhouses in male pageantry, and although this scruffy boyish looker is a tad low-key compared to other guys from his country, he still has enough strong appeal to secure a Top 16 placement and make a play beyond that.

CHINA – Zhenhuan Yang.  For most pageant fans, his face tends to be considered meh, but he does have polish and a buffed bod.  Would they be enough to overcome objections about his face?

COLOMBIA – Manuel Molano.  He looked too aggressive and unpolished in his pre-arrival photo, but as he set foot in Myanmar, he proved he has polish, charisma and sex appeal.  He could make a play for the Top Five.

CZECH REPUBLIC – Matyas Hlozek.  I’m slightly divided about him–he does look handsome, but there are angles where he looked rough and relatively not as chiseled as his peers out there.  Still, don’t count out this guy and he can still make the final cut.

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC – Kenny Rodriguez.  He does have a swarthy Latin appeal down pat.  But will an incident involving him and Mexico be an obstacle for him to make the cut?

EL SALVADOR – Miguel Arevalo.  He’s a clean-shaven boyish fair-skinned Latino cutie.  Normally that would be make him secure a Top 16 slot as there is almost always a slot for a “little-cutie-that-could”.  But with a body definition not as buffed as the rippled contenders out there and a slightly raw stage presence, the “little-cutie-that-could” slot could go to someone else, someone Asian…

FINLAND – Aki Parviainen.  Finland rarely participates in these pageants and if they did, they usually send a dud.  This dude, though, is far from a dud.  He has good looks to be in contention.  The only problem is he is obviously unpolished but with the right packaging he can unleash charisma.

FRANCE – Jordane Reiser.  He has a handsomeness about him, but his less-than-rippled bod and low-key presence makes him less likely to make the cut.

GUAM – Jaren Guerrero.  Like his predecessor to this pageant, John Kanemoto, this guy already saw action in another pageant (in his case, Mister Global 2016) and made the Top 16 there.  Will he be able to duplicate that feat?  That I’m not certain as his facial features are not my cup of tea.  But he does have a great, rippled muscular frame going for him.

HONG KONG – Sean Lee.  I was worried based on his pre-arrival photo that he might be skinny, but it turns out he has a rippled lean bod that fills out in all the right places.  I’m still divided about his overall charisma though, as I don’t really consider him facially handsome.  Will his rippled buffed bod be enough?

All images courtesy of Drew Francisco and Ameer Gamama for Missosology unless otherwise indicated.




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