INDIA – Dhwrwm Khungur Swargiary.  He doesn’t have that Bollywood look you tend to expect from guys from this country–in fact he even looks vaguely Chinese in my eyes, perhaps living in the northern, mountainous parts of this country.  I don’t see him making the cut, but he has good-enough looks and a rippled physique to keep up with the best of them.

INDONESIA – Muhammad Hafizh Ragah.  To his credit, he has a fit frame and is a polished presence.  But he has a plain face and his physique, albeit trim and fit, lacks definition.  I don’t expect him duplicating his predecessor’s surprising Top 10 finish.

KAZAKHSTAN – Bulat Muratbekov.  His physique possesses the least definition among this year’s contestants.  In real-world terms, this guy with attractive Eurasian features could be a catch, but in stratified pageant standards, he is not really up to the level of the rest of the group.  Glad that he’s sticking around, though, unlike what happened last year with the two guys who quit.

KOREA – Kang Doohyung.  This guy for me exudes classic K-drama charisma, and for me he displays the best physique amongst all the contestants in this year’s contest.  He could bring his country another male pageant win after the victory at the 12th Mister International last April.  Do we see a new male pageant powerhouse in the offing?

MALAYSIA – Izz Yusof.  See INDONESIA, but with a better physique.

MARTINIQUE – François Xavier Herard.  Technically he could’ve worn the banner of France as there is no one representing his mother country this year*4.  Though he seems to be outgoing, it’s obvious that he’s very raw, and his physique also reflects that–he joins KAZAKHSTAN as the least buffed of the group.  I wonder if he’ll end up with the Mr. Congeniality award?

*4  Martinique is an overseas department of France, equivalent to being a full-fledged state–think Hawaii in relation to the United States.  It makes me recall Manhunt International 2011 all over again.

MEXICO- Antonio Merchant.  There are people hyping him as one of the front-runners.  I do understand the justification and merits for that, but I don’t seem to respond that enthusiastically to his sort of looks.  I understand his appeal and I think he’ll go far, but he’s just not my type for some odd reason.

NEPAL – Prakash Shah.  He has swarthy good looks, but he doesn’t quite have the polish to have an inside track for the finals.  Still, I consider him a worthwhile contender.

NETHERLANDS – Roel van der Bas.  He’s not conventionally handsome, but I see some quirky appeal that he can make serious inroads into the finals.  He made a splash in talent with his flute playing.

PAKISTAN – Raffay Khan.  While his Mister Supranational colleagues AFGHANISTAN and GERMANY seemed to stay static or lose momentum, this guy seems to be upping his game and is in serious contention of making the Top 16 and probably even beyond.

PERU – Pedro Calderon Cosavalente.  Like CHILE and MEXICO, he’s one of the boyish Latinos in this year’s batch.  Like MEXICO, as much as I know there are merits to his appeal, I don’t quite respond to it for some odd reason.  Anyway, he made an impact in the Talent competition with his nod to Incan folklore playing an Andean pan flute.  Wonder if he played that classic “El condor pasa“?

PHILIPPINES – Kristian Nanadiego Sarmiento.  He has one of the handsomest faces in this year’s competition, with that radiant smile giving him oodles of charisma.  It helps overcome any potential objections over the fact his physique, albeit trim, is not as rippled as his fellow contestants.  Arguably he’s one of the best representatives we had fielded in any male international pageant.

POLAND -Jakub Kucner.  With his great manly looks and strong social media presence, I couldn’t conceive of a Top 16 without him.  He is one of the early favorites, but I don’t feel as strong of a buzz as others are saying.  But with this caliber of contenders anything is possible, and he might go very far after all.


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