This year’s Mister Supranational is bigger and arguably better than the two previous editions.  Bigger as it attracted a record 39 contestants, and better because this year’s batch has exceeded the high standards already set by thge previous two editions.  Like in Miss Supranational, we are also treated with a generous amount of multimedia content that is easy to track and follow.  I especially love the chit-chat conducted (mostly) by Adam Josef, the guy who carried the Trinidad & Tobago banner in the inaugural edition–he’s like Frankie Cena’s counterpart, albeit Adam handles things is a loosey-gooesy hosting style that is characteristic of Slavic hosts and with a clear bro-dude vibe.  Anyway, without further ado, here’s my assessment of the 39 finest specimens of the male species this year…

ARGENTINA – Jorge Piantelli.  He has a cute boyish vibe, but with the awesome onslaught of beefier standouts, he gets overshadowed.

BOLIVIA – Ariel J. Molina Mier.  His key hook is his intellect as he’s a lawyer.  Will that help him garner a Top 20 slot?

BRAZIL – Samuel Costa.  He is undeniably a beefy, charismatic hunk.  However, securing a Top Five finish is far from assured with the caliber of this year’s contestants, but it’s still a conceivable scenario.

CANADA – Aaron Mangat.  Finally this country fielded a well-built high caliber contestant.  Though others seem to be sparkling more, he still looks like a viable option for the Top 20.

CHINA – Cheng Long.  He’s a high-caliber specimen of Asian manhood, but I wonder if his lack of facility in English would hinder his chances of advancing?

COLOMBIA – Andres Mejia Vallejo.  After looking at the pictures of the sashing ceremony, it turns out he’s one of the shortest guys in the group.  But the combination of his outgoing personality combined with an undeniable handsomeness and a buffed frame helps him compensate for his lack of stature.  He’s this pageant’s equivalent of the “Little Cutie That Could”.

CURACAO – Quinton Martina.  He’s a beefy good looking black man.  He could’ve been designated the “black=man-most-likely” but the late arrival of EQUATORIAL GUINEA may have wrested that designation from him.

CZECH REPUBLIC – Jakub Kochta. This handsome blond seems to have all boxes checked, except for one–it turns out he’s one of the shorter guys in this year’s batch.  Albeit taller than COLOMBIA, the preponderance of taller jaw-dropping standouts may dampen his prospects of going far into the Top 10.

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC – Daniel Sichender.  Buzz is relatively muted for this guy but he has all the qualities to pull off a sleeper surprise.

EQUATORIAL GUINEA – Jesus Dikuasa.  He missed out on the videos published by Missosology as they filmed the footage during the first few days of their stay.  But he exudes an Idris Elba type of charisma with his undeniably beefy physique and as such he is now seen as the “black-guy-most-likely” in lieu of CURACAO, unless they decided to make room for them both.

FRANCE – Francois Xavier Herard.  Coming from the overseas department of Martinique, with the absence of any representation from any other French department, he is indeed the default representative for France.  Now, like in his stint in Mister Global, although his frame can be considered fitter than the everyday guy, the lack of tone or definition made him a cellar dweller in a very stellar batch.  It also makes me think–Miss Universe 2016 Iris Mittenaer has a buffer frame than this guy.  Should he join a boot camp conducted by Iris?

HAWAII – Jona Kamoku.  He has great merits like a buffed physique, but obviously he’s drowned out by the plethora of beefier, more charismatic guys around.

INDIA – Prathamesh Maulingkar.  He won the Mister Physique prize and he exudes the charisma of a Bollywood superstar.  His prospects making the Final Five looks strong.



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