DENMARK – Helena Heuser.  She’s in Catriona’s batch at Miss World, which is why in some appearances she’s obviously chummy with Catriona as if they’re roommates.  I’m actually rooting for her to make the cut as she has great qualities worthy of a Top 20 slot, but I think her styling choices for both swimsuit and gown would cost her that slot.  So frustrating.

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC – Aldy Bernard.  Many pageant fans and pundits are not buzzing about her but I have a feeling she would be a sleeper possibility as she looked great in the preliminary competition and she seems to have good communication skills based on her up-close video.

ECUADOR – Virginia Limongi.  Many people are buzzing about her preliminary competition performance, and it’s highly warranted as she was indeed sensational.  I do see her as a shoo-in with a possible play for the Top 10.

EGYPT – Nariman Khaled.  She’s one of the strongest delegates fielded by this country in recent years.  But with the stratified standards of this batch, she’s competing more in a P.A.T.I.S. crew level.

EL SALVADOR – Marisela de Montecristo.  She brought fire during the preliminary competition that she is now considered a Top 10 possibility.  She was the 2013 winner of the reality-based pageant Nuestra Belleza Latina five years ago and she referenced that in her up-close video (especially how her winnings helped her mom set up a restaurant).  There is almost always that spunky underdog that pulls through and exceed expectations and she could be that lady this year.

FINLAND – Alina Voronkova.  She’s an attractive blonde who just lacks charisma and impact.  SHe talked about bullying in her up-close video–I wonder if it’s because based on her surname she seems to have Russian origins?

FRANCE – Eva Colas.  With Miss World being held almost concurrently with this pageant on top with the coronation night conflicting with the Miss France pageant schedule, the Miss France winner Maeva Coucke was sent to Miss World instead and this lady (her first runner-up) was sent in her stead.  She actually made a good impression looks-wise, but I have a feeling she may not have impressed the selection committee that much in interview.  She might be missing the final cut because of this.

GEORGIA – Lara Yan.  Her name sounds Chinese, but actually it’s short for “Petrovsyan”.  Now, based on her surname it made me wonder–is her origins actually Armenian?  From what I know about Georgian surnames, they tend to end either in -shvili or -dze.  Anyway, she is good-looking but I fear she may not fare well in interviews with the selection committee.

GERMANY – Celine Willers.  This blonde is generally very solid in all aspects, but for me she’s competing at a P.A.T.I.S. crew level.

GHANA – Diata Hoggar.  She has Spontaneous Dignified Eloquence (SDE) so I have a feeling she shone on interview.  She’s solid during the preliminary competition, but there are other Africans generating heavier buzz, so I have a feeling despite a high interview score she may miss the cut by a few slivers.

GREAT BRITAIN – Dee-Ann Kentish Rogers.  The fact she’s the first black British girl to compete in this pageant (since 1996) is indeed a milestone.  Now, I’m not that into her looks but many pageant fans and pundits rave about her preliminary competition performance that she is figuring in several Top 20 lists., so she looks poised to sustain Anna Burdzy‘s finish last year.

GREECE – Ioanna Bella.  Her looks and charisma during the preliminary competition made many pageant fans and pundits consider her as a Top 20 contender.  Though I’m not sure how well she fared with the selection committee, I think her volleyball background and sports injury may make a good human interest story.


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