MONGOLIA – Dolgion Delgerjav.  This country has been making waves in other pageants that it’s a bit of a shock that this is the very first time this country is joining this pageant.  Too bad the debut is not that auspicious as she’s more of a middling contender, and we’ve seen some stars seeing action in, say Miss World, Miss Earth, and Miss International.  Still, she’s attractive enough but not making much impact.

MYANMAR – Hnin Thway Yu Aung.  She’s not conventionally pretty but her polish and solid stage chops are undeniable.

NAMIBIA – Selma Kamanya.  She is competing on a Top 20-worthy standard, but this region is already crowded with so many gems that it’s hard to determine if there will be enough room for her.

NEPAL – Manita Devkota.  She has a classic Indian prettiness about her and great stage polish.  Though many fans and pundits are raving about INDIA’s preliminary competition performance, it is possible that this well-spoken and educated lady could block her spot.

NETHERLANDS – Rahima Dirkse.  Her name seems to indicate she might have Indian/Arab/Turkish roots in her mother’s side.  She looks great onstage, but her up-close interview reveals she may have a distracting feature–eyebags.  Stage make-up camouflage this, though, but most likely the interview round she would be wearing light make-up and those eyebags will be in full effect.

NEW ZEALAND – Estelle Curd.  In relation to a bevy of pretty faces, her face is one of the plainer ones.  She has an edge in the interview department though, and you know interview weighs very heavy in this competition these days.

NICARAGUA – Adriana Panlagua.  Her facial features have an angularity about them but she has the experience (winner of Miss Teen International seven years ago) and polish to distract people from that angularity momentarily and be in consideration for the Top 20.

NIGERIA – Aramide Lopez.  This statuesque (6’1″) as many pageant fans and pundits a-buzzing that she can be the second Nigerian to make the cut in this pageant after eventual Miss World 2001 Agbani Darego.  It is highly conceivable this would happen, but nothing is set in stone especially with a stellar batch like this one.

NORWAY – Susanne Guttorm.  She has a tale of a Sami heritage, but otherwise, she’s one of the plainest contestants in this year’s pageant.

PANAMA – Rosa Montezuma.  She’s reportedly of indigenous heritage (most probably Inca?) and she’s actually great looking with strong stage chops.  Countries whose names begin with the letter “P” are notoriously a brutal group full of fierce top-notch contenders and this year is no exception with a lady like this.  She can be a sleeper possibility for the finals..

PARAGUAY – Belen Alderete.  She has an advocacy for lupus awareness since it affected a member of her family.  This blonde would otherwise be in serious contention for the Top 20 in other years but tis year she is one of the weaker links of the “P” contingent.

PERU – Romina Lozano.  See BOLIVIA, albeit with features that are a tad more angular.


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