CANDIDATE NO. 11 – Kayesha Chua.  She made the shortlist in Top Model, but she is also a great communicator that she seems to be a Top 16 shoo-in and maybe even make a play for one of the titles.  W – 9, RH – 9, EI – 9.5, M – 9.5.


CANDIDATE NO. 12 – Patrisha Gutierrez.  She sang this inspirational charity ballad that made her make the shortlist in Talent–it was a gorgeous sight watching her in her ballgown singing her song but my quibble is that she didn’t quite make maximum impact with her singing.  She’s also a slim, pretty mestiza lass.  A Top 16 finish is a possibility.   W – 8; RH – 8; EI – 8.5; M – 8.5.

CANDIDATE NO. 13 – Hanna Therese Cruz.  To be blunt I find her face one of the plainest.  But she’s a great communicator, and being under 20 years old, she could make a play for the Miss Teen Eco-International title.  She reminds me of Miss Multinational 2017 winner Sophia Señoron so it makes one wonder if this girl could pull off a surprise the way Sophia did.  Well, let’s see how the two other teenaged contestants stack up.  W – 7; RH – 6; EI – 7; M – 8; TE – 8.

CANDIDATE NO. 14 – Kimberly “Billie” Hakenson.  She’s a slim, pretty mestiza who got a shortlist in Beach Beauty.  She’s also a solid communicator so she has an inside track to the Top 16.  W – 8; RH – 8; EI – 8; M – 8.5

CANDIDATE NO. 15 – Alyssa Reyes.  Her Filipina features are highly appealing.  She’s a solid communicator, even if some Filipino pageant fans might ding her for her diction.  But she articulates just fine, so even if she didn’t figure in any fast-track even, she remains a Top 16 possibility.  In the Facebook Live interview she revealed she survived dengue when she was a teen–interestingly this disease befell one of the contestants during the competition…  W – 8; RH – 8; EI – 8; M – 8.


CANDIDATE NO. 16 – Sharmane Galisanan.  There are people who can find her Asian features highly appealing but the issue is her communication skills are not as strong so that may hamper her chances making the Top 16.  W – 7.5; RH – 7.5; EI – 7.5; M – 7.5.

CANDIDATE NO. 17 – Joanna Mercado.  I like her features, but she has not figured in any fast-track event, and I have a feeling she’s not making that much of an impact in interview even if she’s a solid communicator.  Still, I hope there are those who like her looks enough to put her through the Top 16.  W – 8; RH – 8; EI – 8.5; M – 8.5.

CANDIDATE NO. 18 – Ruffa Nava.  She previously competed in this pageant five years ago but didn’t make the cut.  She was more successful in Binibining Pilipinas two years ago as she made the Top 25 then.  She could be more successful this time and may have a chance of making the cut this time.  It’s interesting that though she got to sing in the Facebook Live interview, she wasn’t shorlisted in Talent.  W – 8; RH – 7.5; EI – 8.5; M – 8.5.

CANDIDATE NO. 19 – Jeane Tumang.  Her features are also as “unconventional” as Hanna, as it veers towards “exotic”.  Her main advantage is that she’s the tallest in this year’s batch at 5’11”.  W – 7.5; RH – 6; EI – 7; M – 7.

CANDIDATE NO. 20 – Ilene de Vera.  I hope she gets vindication after being surprisingly shut out at this year’s Binibining Pilipinas, as she’s solid all throughout, even if she didn’t figure in any fast-track event.  W – 8; RH – 8; EI – 8.5; M – 8.5.



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