At the sashing ceremony

I think I was so spoiled rotten by the heady heights of the recently concluded Mister World that at first glance viewing this batch of Mister Global 2019 contestants seemed like a steep letdown.  It didn’t help that when revisiting last year’s batch and comparing those guys to these and I have to be blunt and say last year’s guys were stronger.  But readjusting my lenses later on, I have learned that there are still lots to appreciate about this year’s batch.  I’ve noticed this year, they have a tagline to describe their pageant:  “Inspiring Gentleman”.  I think Mister World has collared the market for this, but let’s see if this pageant delivers on that tagline.  I’m  glad that there is no overall attrition in the roster*1 after the rough hiccups involving the finals last year, and it seems so far things are running smoothly.

*1 Yes, 13 countries are missing from last year, but it made up with 13 new or returning countries competing, preserving the overall roster of 38.  Interestingly in both batches, there is a disputed entity that is not recognized internationally competing.

Without further ado, time to review this year’s batch starting with…

BRAZIL – Gill Raupp.  His arm tattoo and facial scruff may make an impression of roughness, but there is something compelling about his rugged looks and his handsome features underneath that I find him compelling–he oozes with hefty sex appeal–and I think he’s one of the front-runners of this pageant.

CHILE – Nelson Caceres.  He is part of the Classic Latino trend that alongside his buffed bod, he could make serious inroads into the finals.

CHINA – Chen Ruihu.  If this guy was sent to Mister World, I wouldn’t have had serious objections with his country placing like the way it happened last month.  I can see justification about his lanky but buffed build, even if his facial features are among the plainest in this pageant.  He also happens to be the tallest contestant this year, probably towering at about 6’4″.  But interestingly, two “renegade” areas that this country administers or has a claim on have more charisma and appeal to my eyes.

CUBA – Rubert Arias.  Something about his eyebrows remind me of a young Isko Moreno, the current mayor of Manila, during the time he was a fledgling actor doing beefcake shots.  I actually find him appealing and his buffed physique is enviable, but I have a gnawing feeling the Thais may not look upon him with favor–but then again, I think he might still have a chance to make the cut.

Manila Mayor Isko Moreno in his younger days

CZECH REPUBLIC – Thanh Tung Cao.  Yes, he’s not your traditional Czech native judging from his very Asian features and his name.  It seems his parents migrated from Vietnam to this country.  He’s cute in a real-world sense but there are better options, Asian and European out there.  His only chance to make it is if the Thais like the novelty of an Asian representing an otherwise lily-white European country.

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC – Braulio Encarnación.  He turns up the steam with his enviably beefily buffed physique and features that resemble Aquaman star Jason Momoa.  Wonder if that film did well in Thailand as he can parlay that resemblance to a possible Top Five finish.

Jason Momoa with short hair

EGYPT – Adam Hussein.  He has his luscious full long curly locks and lean, sinewy bod to make an impression, but facially I find him plain.  Yes, I understimated his predecessor who ended up as 1st runner-up last year, but that tall guy has a handsomeness and that height going for him.  Still, he can make the cut because of his unique looks.

GUAM – Jonathan Onedera.  He’s not that heavily buzzed about but I find him very appealing and along with all the other contestants this year, his bod is enviably buffed.

HAITI – Tcholo Medastin.  With his ebony complexion, he has the potential of being the “black-man-most-likely”.  But he has a couple of strikes against him–first is that unfortunate red hair coloring, and the fact he’s the shortest contestant in this batch.

HONG KONG – Chace Cheng.  I don’t find him conventionally handsome but there is something appealing about his features that a Top 16 finish is possible.

INDIA – Rishabh Chaudhary Kumar.  Unlike last year’s dud, this guy has handsomeness and features that you typically associate with a Northern guy from his country.  He’s a step in the right direction, but it will be a challenge for him to advance to the semifinals.

INDONESIA – Herman Yosef Cahyono.  He has cute boyish features and a buffed bod, but I don’t quite get the hype that he could be a Top Three contender.  I think he can be a shoo-in for the Top 16 and can go beyond that to the Top 10, but not sure about him making the winners’ circle.  We’ll see how it all unfolds.


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