At the Thai boxing shoot

JAPAN – Kodai Hata.  His physique seems to be the most defined or “shredded” amongst this year’s batch.  Like HONG KONG, he’s not conventionally handsome but he is highly appealing, so a Top 16 finish is possible for him.

KOREA – Kim Jong-woo.  He has a hint of K-Pop/K-Drama appeal about him that he seems to have an inside track into the Top 16.

LAOS – Kiengkai Xouansouandao.  He can be classified as a cute Asian boy, but he’s obviously not as polished as other contenders out there.  To his credit though, he is in great shape.

MALAYSIA – Chris Chan.  His face exudes a mature vibe that might not be to the Thais’ liking, but we have to give him credit for having a buffed bod, and he does exude a manly appeal.

MEXICO – Manuel Duarte López.  See CHILE.  Some fans and pundits are hyping him as a shoo-in, but I’m not seeing as much charisma from him–or maybe was I spoiled rotten by the stratospheric charisma of his Mister World counterpart Brian Faugier?

MYANMAR – Thiha Kyaw.  He’s definitely a more polished boyish Asian cutie than, say, LAOS, but this batch has a sea of that archetype so I’m not sure if there would be enough room for him to make the cut.

NEPAL – Aryan Sitaula.  He has a unique pompadour hairstyle that I think requires a lot of product and time to maintain.  He is attractive, but not enough of a standout to make serious inroads into the Top 16.

NIGERIA – Triumph Moses.  He seems good looking and appealing, but I don’t seem to see a spark or charisma about him.  I’m getting a bit fretful that we have a black shut-out on our hands this year.

NORTH CYPRUS – Süleyman Mullahasan.  If you read world history, in 1974 Turkish forces invaded the northern portion of Cyprus and a government was set up there, and since then Cyprus is a divided island.  This country is unfortunately not recognized internationally but well, it’s still a welcome treat to see this entity represented, just like TIBET last year.  This guy seems to be making a standout impression that he could conceivably make a play for the Top Five.

PANAMA – Kenny Guerra.  I find him highly appealing with his dusky complexion and his superbly buffed physique–I would have DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, JAPAN, and this guy as the three best bodies in this year’s batch.  I also find him handsome, but I’m not sure how the Thais take to his features, especially as he resembles someone taller representing an Asian country.

PERU – Miguel Millasaky.  Something about his facial features register as Filipino for some odd reason.  He possesses a bulky bodybuilder’s physique, which is not that highly appreciated in a male pageant milieu.  He can easily be considered the poster child for body positivity for this group, but we have to note there is definition in his thick physique.

PHILIPPINES – Ricky Gumera.  He’s also a boyish cutie and I’m optimistic he’ll sustain a semifinalist finish four our country in this pageant–now the question is if he can make it further to, say, Top 10.

POLAND –  Michal Jan Grudzień.  It’s almost a guarantee this country fields great-looking men, and this guy is no exception.  I see him as a Top 16 shoo-in with a possible play for the Top 10 and beyond.


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