NEW ZEALAND – Eva Louise Wilson.  I find her one of the plainest faces in this year’s comeptition but she’s a good ccommunicator and has a slim figure to her credit.

NIGERIA – Oluchi Kalu.  She could be deemed attractive enough but not quite a black or African standout.

NORTHERN IRELAND – Nicholle Hembra.  See NEW ZEALAND, with a slightly prettier face.

PANAMA – Krysthelle Barretto Reichlin.  She’s solid, but I don’t find her a standout.  Her elaborate carnival national costume was impressive though, and deservingly short-liste.d

PARAGUAY – Noelia Katherine Masi.  She has everything that it takes to possibly make the Top 25, but there is one distrubing quibble–her skinny figure doesn’t look like a healthy frame that you tend to worry about her.  That factor might hinder her from making the Top 25.

PERU – Janick Maceta.  She actually is residing in the US, and she has an excellent command of English.  Yes, she also is a great communicator and made a major splash in the Preliminary Competition, especially with her sexily buffed figure and shimmering in a silver gown.  Many are buzzing she could be the winner and I would agree with that, though there is one Asian rival she has to contend with.

PHILIPPINES – Resham Saeed.  Her introduction video was a big blast–loaded with humorous inside jokes about the process preparing for pageants (or a modeling photo shoot) while also showcasing her superb communication skills.  She is performing at a top level, even if some worry she’s not receiving as heavy a buzz, as say, THAILAND.  I maintain she’s a shoo-in for the Top 25 with a play for the Top 10 and beyond.

POLAND – Kamila Świerc.  You never discount this host country as again this country fielded a great looking babe.  She’s undeniably a shoo-in for the Top 25–now, making a play for the Top 10 would be a major challenge with many charismatic stunners with stronger interview skills out there.

PORTUGAL – Carolina Liquito.  There is an angularity in her facial features, but otherwise she’s very solid all throughout and could be a sleeper possibility for the Top 25.

PUERTO RICO – Shaleyka Cristine Vélez.  She’s a great follow-up to the reigning queen though it will be a challenge for her to advance to the Top 10.

ROMANIA – Alexandra Stroe.  She has what it takes to sustain her country’s streak in the Top 25.  Now, it will be a bigger challenge for her to advance further to the Top 10 with the bevy of sterling contenders this year.  Still, it is still possible.

RUSSIA – Valeriya Skolota.  Many pageant fans and pundits may find her interview style a tad laconic, but she has superb stage chops and a lissome model’s figure that she makes an indelible presence.  Some sites are pegging her as a possible front-runner, but I don’t see it–but she is noted for her business chops, too based on what we learned about her duirng the Supra-Chat.

RWANDA – Shanitah Umunyana.  She’s the most stunning black African in this batch, and many are rooting for a slot to be open for her to make the Top 25.  I hope there would be room for her, though mose attention is placed towards NAMIBIA among the African contingent.

SCOTLAND – Aimee McGarvie.  This blonde’s cute and solid, but definitely out of contention for the Top 25.

SIERRA LEONE – Esther Yeanoh Kamara.  She’s a great-looking African with a bit of Spontaneous Dignified Eloquence (SDE).  Would that help her edge out RWANDA if there is another slot open for the Top 25 for Africa?

SINGAPORE – Naomi Huth.  This Eurasian (she’s half-German) made a major splash and won her group during the Supra-Chat.  She’s an excellent communicator and she is one of the most likely winners of the Supra-Chat.  Like IRELAND, she would be a worthy member of the Top 25.



IRELAND – Jessica VanGaalen.  Some pageant fans and pundits might criticize her stage chops, but this Irish-American made a major splash in both rounds of the Supra-Chats.  She didn’t win in her group, but she was granted a wildcard and blew the roof off with her superb answers in the three-question structured Q&A round.   She was eloquent, and even occasionally tugged a few heartstrings with her responses.  She ought to get one of the four Supra-Chat slots for the Top 25, and no-one would object to it.  She has the beauty to be worthy of belonging in that hallowed group, too.

JAMAICA – Kimberly Dawkins.  She possessses polish, charisma, and strong communication skills.  SHe has an inside track of making the Top 25.

JAPAN – Natsumi Takenaka.  She strikes a memorable presence onstage, and she possesses oodles of charm in the Supra-Chat even with her limited command of English.  Another one with an inside track for the Top 25.

KENYA – Emma Hosea.  She is a great communicator but lookswise, she registers as a bit less polished.

KOREA – Laura Kwon.  I also like her when I watch the Supra-Chat, and I like the fact she has a decent command of English.  She actually is strong onstage.  It’s just that there are a lot of awesome Asians to choosefrum that she is going to be crowded out.  In another year, she would’ve been a Top 25 shoo-in.

LAOS – Poulatda Saiydonekhong.  Yes, she needs THAILAND to translate for her, and she tends to be verbose judging from her SUpra-Chat, but to her credit she exudes a lot of charm.  I don’t picture her making the Top 25, but she’s a worthwhile contender.

LITHUANIA – Jūratė Stasiūnaitė.  In reliative terms, she veers towards the thick side compared to her other slender European counterparts, but she’s good looking and a worthwhile contender.

MACAU – Christina Zheng.  She won the Supra-Model continetnal title for Asia.  I have a feelign like EQUATORIAL GUINEA, she’ll have to be content with this honer as her lack of command in ENglish might hamper her in the interview.

MALTA – Rebecca Pace.  Her exotic light purple bird costume was pretty unique and undoubtedly it got shortlisted for Best National Costume.  She is generally a solid contender all around.

MAURITIUS – Urvashi Haurheeram.  She may not be as polished as say, INDIA or NEPAL but she is solid enough and doe make a positive impression.

MEXICO – Dariana Urista.  Her dramatic Our Lady of Guadalupe costume was a stunner that there is no doubt this is the deserving winner of Best National Costume.  She has this sweet ingenue mestiza look that some find to be highly appealing.  She has an inside track of making the Top 25.  

MYANMAR – Eaint Myat Chal..  She’s generally very solid, but easily drowned out by her stronger Southeast Asian peers.

NAMIBIA – Yana Haenisch.  Many people are captivated by her stunning good looks that they peg her as a possible Top Five finisher.  I agree with that assessment, but I have a feeling that slot is not that assured as this year is really that strong.  But she looks like a Top 10 shoo-in.  She went head-to-head with EQUATORIAL GUINEA for the Supra-Model continental title for Africa, but the taller rival was given the victory.  Overall, this lady looks poised to be the top-performing African this year in this pageant–hope no one makes a fuss over the fact that she’s white.

NEPAL – Rose Lama.  If this were Miss World, she could’ve been a Multimedia shoo-in as with her well-producted introduction viewo. But despite her strong communication skills, there are so many charismatic Asians this year that she’s clearly drowned out.

NETHERLANDS – Nathalie Mogbelzad.  This well-traveled lady won the Miss Elegance special award, and based from her strong impression on Supra-Chats, she looks like poised to make a play for the Top Five with a possible upset win for the crown.



CZECH REPUBLIC – Hana Vágnerová.  She may not necessarily shine in a structured Q&A environment but she possesses oodles of charm alongside her gorgeous babelicious charisma.  She looks like a shoo-in for the Top 25, though making the next cut is far from assured with this caliber of competition–in other years she would’ve been an Top 10 shoo-in.

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC – Yaliza Burgos.  I was impressed with her during the Supra-Chat, so I’m wondering why buzz was muted.  Turns out onstage she doesn’t quite sparkle–not that she was doing anything wrong, it’s simply that she doesn’t quite make as much of a splash as other stunners out there.

ECUADOR – María Fernanda Yépez.  She has this patrician vibe that could make her another one with an inside track to the Top 25.

ENGLAND – Kirsty Lerchundi.  She has a nice Asian girl-next-door vibe that would’ve made an impact in other years, but with this sterling batch, it’s an uphill battle.

EQUATORIAL GUINEA – Alba Isabel Obama.  She won the African continental title for the Supra-Model competition.  Could this mean she could be a shoo-in for the Top 25?  I have a feeling interview is her Achilles Heel, as Valeria had to take an extra effort to draw out anything from her during the Supra-Chat.  I suppose the Supra-Model continental honor would’ve been achievement enough for her.

ETHIOPIA – Hanna Abate.  Here is the issue with most Ethiopan beauty queens–they may be great looking but they have to have very passive personalities.  This lady has a bit of a spark in her, but there are a host of strong sparklers this year that she couldn’t make as much impact as she could’ve.

FINLAND – Viivi Altonen.  This brunette has a passing resemblance to former Ace of Base lead singer Jenny Berggren.  She’s a solid competitor, but not quite having the inside track to make the Top 25.

Jenny Berggren (image captured from news.com.au)

FRANCE – Sheryna van der Koelen.  She represented the overseas department of Guadeloupe in both Miss Earth 2012 and Miss World 2013.  I have a feeling if the French franchise-holder found someone from Metropolitan France to carry the banner, this lady would’ve been carrying the GUADELOUPE sash again, but since they don’t have anyone handy, she’s by default the French representative.  Despite describing herself as a fitness trainer, it’s obvious her figure is thicker than most of the contestants out there.  So we can say she’s the “Lizzo” of this group, and it’s nice to see thicker body types represented here.  Now, not sure if the predominantly Polish judges would appreciate this type of frame, but I welcome her presence.

GERMANY – Deria Koç.  She’s obviously raw and less-than-polished, but bless her for being here–Valeria and her peers are rooting for her to do the best that she could.

GUATEMALA – Andrea Radford.  SHe’s not that highly buzzed but she could be a possible sleeper surprise for the Top 25.

HAITI – Schneidine Scheena Mondésir.  She’s trim, but obviously not that polished.

HONDURAS – Nicole Ponce.  This slender lady is pretty polished and knows how to present herself well.  Most won’t see her making the Top 25 but she’s a worthwhile contender.

HUNGARY – Szimonetta Fekszi.  She has good looks, but she could be considered one of the weakest contenders this year as she didn’t register as a good interview during the Supra-Chat.

ICELAND – Hugrún Birta Egilsdóttir.  This blonde has been generating heavy buzz that she is deemed as one of the possible Top 10 finishers with a possible play for the Final Five.  She garnered the Supra-Model continental title for Europe, and being a solid communicator, she’s clearly a shoo-in and a possible front-runner.

INDIA – Shefali Sood.  She seems a shoo-in and she didn’t have any missteps throughout he stay, except perhaps for her choice os swimsuit during the Preliminary Competition–some pageant fans and pundits found the design of the bikini bottom a tad weird.

INDONESIA – Jesica Fitriana.  This country has been making a major splash in the world of pageantry at least in this past decade.  This lady is a good communicator and undeniably polished.  Yes, she has an inside track to make the Top 25, but there are a host of Southeast Asians stronger than her, including one from a country that typically would be deemed a cellar-dweller for this region in terms of pageantry.