ETHIOPIA – Yohanes Alemu Kifetew.  It’s hard to miss him as he has a very strikng resemblance to the late Michael Jackson.  There is alsosome angles where you see a bit of Bruno Mars mixed in–as if Bruno was dressing up to perform a Michael Jackson impersonation.  Because of the way he looks I presumed he would have a high-pitched speaking voice, so I was surprised during the final chat, when his speaking voice turns out to be at a baritone level.  Sure, the late Prince also has that vocal timbre when speaking, but I have a feeling he is incapable of singing a falsetto the way Prince does.  I think it’s unlikely he’ll make the Top 20.

Left: Michael Jackson circa 1987; Right: Bruno Mars

FRANCE – Mavryck Clavel.  There are many pageant fans who think he has secured a Top 20 spot on the basis of his boyish handsomeness.  But he seems to be on the unpolished side, so I’m not that certain of his Top 20 prospects, though it is conceivable.

INDIA – Varun Verma.  He may not have the charisma of the reigning Mister Supranational, but he still has the polished elan and flair to secure a spot in the Top 20.

INDONESIA – Enrique Dustin.  This boyish cutie may not be conventionally handsome, but I think he may make the cut with his outgoing personality, strong communication skills, and an enviably buffed physique.

JAMAICA – Rayon Davis.  Yes, he has oodles of personality and strong communication skills.  His mannerisms made me wonder, as considering he comes from a notoriously conservative country that may frown on them, and I have a feeling that it’s also the sort that the host country Poland would also not appreciate, considering they also have similarly conservative values.  I may have to say that his very presence mnakes him a brave guy. 

JAPAN – Reino Shimamura.  Here is another buffed guy who has his charms even if he’s also not conventionally handsome.  He’s not as cosmopolitan as the two guys who competed in the first two editions of this pageant, so I’m not that bullish towards his Top 20 prospects.

KENYA – Priyan Solanki.  There seems to be a singificant Indian population in this predominantly black African country, hence it’s not that jarring to see this light-skinned guy representing this country.  He is astrong communicator and that could be his ticket to make the Top 20.

KOREA – Woo Chang-wook.  There are people who might find his boyish looks appealing, but even if he’s a solid communicator, I’m not bullish towards his Top20 prospects.

LAOS – Singkham Phommasone.  He may not be conventionally handsome but he has this boyish appeal with a surprisingly superbly buffed lean and sinewy physique.  I’m not sure if his appeal works for the Polish crowd, but he deserves some compliments..

MALTA – Yosef Vassallo.  He exudes a low-key vibe, but he has this boy-next-door handsomeness that could be his ticket to make the Top 20.


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