MEXICO – Gustavo Dousset.  Like BRAZIL, he has three formidable predecessors to follow, most especially the inaugural winner of this pageant three years ago.  He cannot be considered conventionally handsome, but he has a sexy buffness and a bright spark of personality–he won Mr. Friendship–that would help him at least sustain this country’s streak of Top 20 finishes.  

MOLDOVA – Giovanni Cretu.  He has an intriguing background as he had a five-year stint being part of the legendary French Legionnaires.  Would his intriguing backstory win over the judges and help him make the Top 20?

.MONTENEGRO – Stefan Vukmanović.  He’s one of the youngest contestants in this pageant as he’s only 19 years old.  But he has surprisingly good communication skills and a mature outlook that bely his age.  I’m rooting for him to succeed.

NETHERLANDS – Mitch Hart.  He made an impression on the Supra-Man chat as he has good communication skills and an outgoing personality.  But his highlight thus far is winning a special award as Best Physique after the preliminary competition as he has a buffed and beefy physique.  He seems poised to advance to the Top 10 with a possibility of finishing in the Final Five, possibily equaling or even exceeding his predecessor..

NEW CALEDONIA – Manutea Benet-Brissonet.  He’s obviously a tad raw and his physique is the least defined of this batch, even if he seems otherwise very fit.

PERU – Alonso Martínez.  There is much hype about him as the one likeliest to win it all.  I can definitely subscribe to that, as he has the swarthy scruffy great looks and charisma of previous winners alongside an outgoing personality.  But there are a couple of fellows from his continent that also are making a play for the title.

PHILIPPINES – Denver Hernandez..  He made the cut previously at Men Universe Model two years ago.  He is undeniably handsome, but I’m iffy with his interview skills as he’s a bit rough to listen to.  But then again, it kinda gave him a “bad boy” vibe and if there are more females in the preliminary judging, it could help him sustain a Top 20 streak for our country–albeit making it by the tips of his fingernails.

POLAND – Tomasz Zarzycki.  After his less-than-successful Mister International stint earlier this year, he is shinign bright here.  Scruff becomes him and he exudes an outgoing personality that he is likely to finish in teh Top Five just like his predecessor, Jakub Kucner.

PUERTO RICO – Héctor Rodríguez.  He has a lean-trim buffness, a ruddy handsomeness and an outgoing personality that he looks like a lock for the Top 20.

ROMANIA – Bogdan Nicolae Brînzoi.  This boyish-looking guy was a revelation in the Supra-Man chats by displaying an outgoing personality, great communication skills and a skill competently translating Spanish as he served as an interpreter for SPAIN.  He got this skill has he resided in that country for about 15 years.  He has this cosmopolitan man-of-the-world vibe that this pageant appreciates, and he looks poise to be ta Top 10 shoo-in, with a possible play for the Final FIve.


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