AUSTRALIA – Sarah Marschke.  This blonde stood out with her background being a rugby player.  She seems to be the one who might be considered the best performer for Oceania with her shortlists in Top Model and Talent, but it seems there is this reported incident where she reportedly physically assaulted GREECE–you know this pageant frowns that sort of behavior so that honor, if bestowed, might go to COOK ISLANDS instead.

EL SALVADOR – Fátima Mauricio.  She’s attractive and a solid communicator (another Latina who opted for English) but she didn’t figure in any challenge event, and there are other stronger contenders out there so prospects making the Top 40 are slim.

GEORGIA – Nini Gogichaishvili.  It’s interesting that she’s the winner of this group.  However she didn’t secure her slot in the Top 40 as she was defeated by Group 8 winner PARAGUAY.  Her background as a TV presenter served her well as she proved to be a strong communicator.  She figured in the Sports shortlist as part of the Yellow team.  She can be a sleeper surprise for the Top 40.

GUINEA-BISSAU – Leila Samati.  She’s a surprisingly good communicator–partly because she lived in London for 14 years, working in a beauty salon run by her mother.

PUERTO RICO – Daniella Rodríguez.  She has a human interest being a cancer survivor, but she has other strong qualities that could make her make Top 40–like the looks to be shortlisted in Top Model.

SLOVAKIA – Frederika Kurtulíková.  She made the shortlists in both Top Model and Talent (with her dancing skills).  She is also a great looker and a good communicator, so she can be a Top 40 possibility.


BAHAMAS – Nyah Bandelier.  She tugged heartstrings when she relayed the time when the Hurricane Dorian hit her country.  Otherwise, she is unlikely to make inroads into the Top 40.

BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA – Ivana Ladan.  She’s a stunning looker so it’s not surprising she made the shortlist in Top Model.  She’s an adequate interview, but probably not enough to impress the judges.

BOTSWANA – Oweditse Gofaone Phirinyane.  Let’s just say her features are very exotic.  She is a good communicator but she has not made any impact otherwise.

HAITI – Alysha Morency.  She made the shortlist in both Top Model and Sports.  She’s well-spoken with a human-interest story surviving a drug-addicted mother.

INDIA – Suman Rao.  Many are buzzing she could bring forth India’s sixth crown from this pageant.  She has figured prominently in Top Model and BWAP (with her Pragati project uplifting the status of women in various communities) as she made the Top 10 in both and got shortlisted in Talent.  She secured her slot in the Top 40 by winning this group and beating Group 19 winner BANGLADESH in the second round.  I agree with the buzz, but I’m rooting for a FRANCE or NIGERIA win.

THAILAND – Grace Chadapattarawalrachoat.  She is notable for her extraordinarily long surname.  She’s a great communicator and exudes a lot of charm, but she didn’t figure in any shortlist, so unless she wins over the judges, she could be deemed a candidate for the Holly Carpenter award.


ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA – Taqiyyah Francis.  British tastemakers have very exotic taste, which explains why this unconventional Afro-sporting looker made the cut in Top Model.  She’s a good communicator but there are other ladies from her region that made a bigger splash.

BARBADOS – Ché Amor Greenidge.  She figured in Top Model, probably having exuded appeal that appeal the British people judging this event, and in Talent.  She’s an intelligent communicator, so she can still win over the judges to secure the Top 40 slot.

CHINA, P.R. – Li Peishan.  She’s a globe-trotting cosmopolitan lady, so it’s not surprising she won in this group.  But she was not able to secure a Top 40 slot as she was beaten by Group 3 winner VENEZUELA.  Still, she looks like she will still get that spot anyway–the question would be if she will be able to advance further to the Top 12.  The Asian group is that formidable.

GREECE – Rafaela Plastira.  She tugged heartstrings being a survivor of domestic abuse.  She’s pretty, but her story of note was an incident with AUSTRALIA that resulted in her brief hospitalization.

SAMOA – Alalamalat Lata Polamalu.  She has an interesting background being a security officer.  She’s solid as a communicator but she has not made much impact, otherwise.

SWEDEN – Daniella Lundqvist.  Normally this country rules the roost in pageants, but she’s overshadowed by her Nordic counterparts.  She’s a solid communicator with a good advvocacy about mental health,but



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