I was expecting this year’s Mister Supranational to be a battle of the “giants”–meaning the winner is a hunk who is taller than the reigning champion Gabriel Correa.  Indeed a “giant” won, but not the one I was expecting.

I can pat myself on the back that I got 17 of the Top 20 correct.  However, there was one who for me qualifies as a “headscratcher”:  RUSSIA (Mikhail Baranov).  Sure he has an outgoing personality and a buffed bod, but his look is just so off-putting to my taste that I placed him in my bottom four.  As I mentioned in my Miss Supranational reaction article, there might be several factors at play on why he managed to make the cut.

I didn’t know that there is a popular vote fast-track and I should’ve taken that when assessing MYANMAR (Ellis Lwin)‘s prospects.  I have a feeling like the way we won a popular vote last year to secure a slot in the Top 20, this guy would probably officially ranked 20th in the Top 20.

I should’ve been more bullish towards THAILAND (Kevin Dasom) as I only pegged him in my Bubbling Under list.  Turns out with his personality and facility with English won over the Polish judges that he got to go very far in the competition, to the point of ending up 3rd runner-up.

Now, let’s discuss the guys I thought would make it but didn’t.  I thought COLOMBIA (Andres Mejia) would be the “little cutie that could”.  But well, with MYANMAR getting a fast-track slot and that surprise favoritism towards RUSSIA, he was yanked out of the roster.

I thought EQUATORIAL GUINEA (Jesus Dikuasa) with his supremely beefy buffed bod would be the African most likely to secure a slot in the Top 20.  But I suppose the judges felt he lacked spark (on top of the fact he was a late arrival) and not only did he miss the cut, the continental title for Africa went to TOGO (Kwassy Adjamah) instead.

But the biggest shock is that VENEZUELA (Jeudiel Condado) missed the cut even if the reigning champion was from his country.  Yeah, he tends to look a tad too rough, but still I thought the Venezuelan banner has luster to make people over look that quality, as he’s still a good looking guy.  So he’s the winner of the Lucas Malvacini award.

Now let’s talk guys who somehow fell short of their expected showing.  First, I was expecting MALTA (Benoit Bartolo) and MEXICO (Alejandro Garcia Torres) to figure in the Top 10 but they didn’t pass beyond the Top 20.  Admittedly this is a highly competitive year so these kinds of mini-upsets are expected.

I only got one out of the Final Five correct as it turned out the ones I was betting to be in that court somehow fell below expectations.  I thought PHILIPPINES (Marco Poli) should’ve been a Top 10 shoo-in but he didn’t garner enough favor with the judges and insiders that he missed the Top 10. I think when the organization releases the rankings of the Top 20, I would have toconsole myself that Marco should rank above 17th place (our best showing from the inaugural edition).  In retrospect after watching the chit-chat videos, I can understand why one of my big favorites to win, SPAIN (Fabian Perez Fernandez) fell short of the Top 10–though he exuded more charisma here than in his unremarkable stint at Mister Global earlier this year, he just lacked spark and simply making the cut is achievement enough for him.

The other two big giant favorites to win, SLOVAK REPUBLIC (Jan Palko) and UNITED STATES (Nicholas Kostelas), perhaps they fell short of the Final Five by very little.  I wonder if those artistic nudes that SLOVAK REPUBLIC did hurt his ultimate prospects and the judges deemed him a tad too sexy to win, I wonder? I think he can’t help it that everything about him oozes sex appeal.  And the classic Superman features possessed by UNITED STATES may have its adherents, but perhaps may be considered a tad too bland for today’s tastes?

I think there was a battle of the clean-cut Latinos between MEXICO and DOMINICAN REPUBLIC (Daniel Sicheneder) with the latter deemed to have more spark.  Hence it was DOMINICAN REPUBLIC who made the Top 10 instead of the one more favored by most pageant fans and pundits.

No doubt SRI LANKA (Tymeron Carvalho) has oodles of charm and personality that this is key for him to go as far as he did, all the way to the Top 10.  His showing is deemed a refreshing treat and makes a point that long-haired guys like him can look great and exude charisma.

I may have penalized NETHERLANDS (Ennio Fafieanie) severely for that brief “dumb” moment in his chit-chat video as the judges and insiders still favored him very highly that he ultimately ended up as 4th runner-up.  I can’t begrudge him that as he has charisma and handsomeness for miles.

It’s always a possibility that POLAND (Jakub Kucner) and BRAZIL (Samuel Costa) would make a play for the Final Five if any of my Final Five choices fell by the wayside, and indeed that happened, and these guys ended up as 1st and 2nd runner-up respectively.  Jakub is expected to see action at the upcoming Mister World pageant, but it looks like with muted news or publicity the pageant is further postponed from the scheduled 27 January 2019 final–hopefully the postponement wouldn’t be that long as I’d like to see if he can pull off the hat-trick delivered by England’s Christopher Brammell, who finished in the Final Five in Mister World 2016, Manhunt International 2016 (2nd runner-up) and Mister Global 2017 (also 2nd runner-up).

At first glance, I presumed INDIA (Prathamesh Maulingkar) is in the same “rough” category as VENEZUELA with his hirsute appearance and tattoos.  But he wins people over with his superbly chiseled bod and his engaging, outgoing personality, and ultimately that helped him become the “last giant standing” and ultimately win.

I’m a tad surprised at the reversal of fortune for several of the hunky giants in this year’s contest, but still there are strong merits for the guys that ultimately garnered the Final Five honors and that still, a charismatically hunky and sexy giant is still declared the winner.  Looking forward for future editions of this pageant as this is now serving as a beacon on how to conduct a great male pageant.




POLAND – Jakub Kucner.  He has a 2nd runner-up finish at Mister Global under his belt already and he is reportedly going to Manila next month for Mister World.  Though all eyes are on the “giants”, this guy could conceivably be one of the “shorter” ones to make the Final Five.

PUERTO RICO – Jose Alfredo Galarza.  He secured a Top 20 slot by winning the Sports Challenge, and he’s definitely a worthy choice, even if I find him a tad rougher than most of his counterparts.

ROMANIA – Emil Popa.  Speaking of rough, he looks rouger than his predecessors, so although he has merits I don’t think a Top 20 slot for him would be secure.

RUSSIA – Mikhail Baranov.  He’s the oldest contestant here at age 33.  He also looks like a hot mess in my reckoning with questionable styling choices.  His prospects for advancing would depend on how much they like his singing.  We’ve seen hunkier singers like Sergey Lazarev, Dima Bilan, and even Alexei Vorobyov, and this guy doesn’t quite hold a candle to them.

SLOVAK REPUBLIC – Jan Palko.  When he’s announced as the representative for this country he sent many people a tizzy with his modeling photos, including some nude shots.  His off-the-charts sex appeal continues on and arguably he’s the sexiest guy in this entire batch.  He’s also one of the big towers in this year’s batch, and a certain lock for the Final Five, along with…

SPAIN – Fabian Perez.  Like his Manhunt counterpart, he’s the tallest of the entire batch.  He arguably also exudes more charisma and sex appeal than the eventual Manhunt International winner.  But while it was a lock for Vicent Llorach to win Manhunt last Sunday, based on the Adam Josef chit-cat, I’ve noitced that he seemed passive and that could be the obstacle for him pulling off that two-peat for Spain.  Still I think he’s a lock for the Final Five.

SRI LANKA – Tymeron Carvalho.  For those long-haired Manhunt contestants from Dominican Republic, Thailand, and even Sweden, this is how to exude charisma with long hair.  He is a traditional folk dancer and what also intrigues me is he also declared he’s an LGBT activist.  Normally I don’t dig long-haired guys, but this is one of those exceptions as his charisma is undeniable.

SURINAME – Angelo Wijngaarde.  Last year, somehow his predecessor Arthur Samoedi got away and made the Top 20, this time wit the bevy of hunks around this guy seems to face an uphill battle making an impression.

THAILAND – Kevin Dasom.  He has a nice Eurasian handsomeness about him and unlike his predecessor he can speak good English.  He looks poised to make the Top 20.

TOGO – Kwassy Adjamah.  He won Mister Personality as reportedly he often leaves his colleagues in stitches with his humor.  Though it’s unlikely he’ll make the final cut, I’m glad for the presence of characters like this guy.

TRINIDAD & TOBAGO – Suveer Ramsook.  This dusky Indian guy has a strong likeable appeal that it is possible he can make the Top 20.  Though no-one wore skimpy Speedos this time, this guy is the closest thing we have for the Rico Mallee award as his board shorts tend to show the most thigh amongst the guys..

UNITED STATES – Nicholas Kotselas.  Many people, including Adam Josef, refer to this guy as “Clark Kent / Superman”.  This talented musician is one of the front-runners for the title.  Though I’m leaning towards the two “S” giants from SLOVAK REPUBLIC and SPAIN, he can pull off a victory as he seems to be the most complete package among the three.

VENEZUELA – Jeudiel Condado Griman.  Compared to the reigning Mistger Supranational Gabriel Correa, he looks a tad rough.  But his charisma and outgoing personality is undeniable so a Top 20 slot seems assured.

With all 39 accounted for, let me trot out my leaderboard:








Now, it’s time for my “Fearful” Forecast.






In my reckoning, it’s a three-way race for the title among SLOVAK REPUBLIC, SPAIN, and UNITED STATES.  The battle for the remaining Final Five slots is similarly fierce as seven guys have what it takes to take those two slots.  An exciting competition awaits.  Good luck to all the guys!




INDONESIA – Gandhi Fernando.  He has an outgoing personality that may make one overlook his rather plain features.  He also has an inspirational angle as he was previously overweight but was motivated to compete in his local pageant and hence loss the necessary weight.  Will his human interest angle help him secure a Top 20 slot?

IRELAND – Emette Dillon.  Some observed that his physique is not as buffed and defined as the majority of the guys competing, but well he also has a very handsome face and those luminous green eyes.  I know of girls who don’t care about buffed, ripped frames anyway and would go for real-man’s builds like his.

JAPAN – Jiro Matsumoto.  After two years of fielding cosmopolitan men, this year they field a meek boy.  His prospects for advancing may depend if there are J-Pop fans among the panel of judges (which I think is doubtful).

KOREA – Park Cheong Woo.  His pre-arrival photo features him with a decent short haircut, but somehow for this competition he decided to shave his head.  For me it’s a misfire as it made him look like a hot mess.

MALTA – Benoit Bartolo.  The Top 20 streak is likely going to be sustained wit this guy as he garnered the Mister Photogenic award.  He definitely has the looks worthy of the award and he can make a play for the Top 10.

MEXICO – Alejandro Garcia.  After fielding beefy bearded hunks, this year’s representative is a clean-cut dreamboat.  Not only that, but he is also of a towering stature and possesses a beefily buffed physique.  He can make a play for the Final Five, sustaining a streak started by the inaugural champion, Diego Garcy.

MYANMAR – Ellis Lwin.  If this was last year, he would’ve had a more inside track to the Top 20 but the standards for this year is so high that it will be an uphill battle for him to make the cut–unless perhaps if the popular vote would be at play but it seems it’s Indonesia who has the edge here..

NETHERLANDS – Ennio Fafieanie.  His handsomeness and beefiness are undeniable and he earned a sponsor’s prize.  It might seem he looks Top 10-bound with a possible play for the Final Five, but I’m concerned based on his chit-chat he seems to not be quite the sharpest tool in the shed, so to speak.  But then again, intelligence is not really of paramount importance in this pageant so he might still be able to pull it off.

NEW CALEDONIA – Kevin Aubry.  He registers as a tad raw and even if there is tone and definition to his physique, he would definitely benefit joining a boot camp conducted by Iris Mittenaere (or her trainer, at least).  I also think even more than NETHERLANDS, he doesn’t seem to be quite sharp.

NORWAY – Mathias Duma.  I didn’t notice this part-Korean guy at first, but then when he won the Best in Formal Wear award, I started to appreciate his elegant features and it looks like he will be Top Ten bound, woith a possible play for the Final FIve.

PANAMA – Ryan Stone.  He’s an outgoing swarthy guy who looks like he has an inside track for a Top 20 slot.

PERU – Andres Vilchez.  I was first concerned I would be confusing this guy with PANAMA, but now I can figure out who is who–he has a lighter stubble and some tattoos.  He also seems a tad lower key than PANAMA.

PHILIPPINES – Marco Poli.  It seems a lock that this guy will bring us our best finish in this pageant thus far–the question would be if it’s a Top 10 finish or he’ll go Final Five.  I realize he has more in common with Crazy RIch Asians star Henry Golding than I thought as I do see a lot of spark in his chit chat with Adam Josef.  Sure instead of a plummy British accent he has more of a FIlipino-Italian accent, but with his height and charisma he will definitely make serious inroads in local showbiz in te near future.