Unlike my relatively poor prediction of Miss Supranational results, I’m greatly pleased that my prediction ratio has greatly improved for Mister Supranational.  I got 16 out of 20 quarterfinalists, six out of ten semifinalists, and four out of the Top Five.  Plus I got the winner right.  Not that there are surprises that exist,

For starters, I pegged Suriname (Arthur de Nobrega Semoedi) at the bottom two, even if he is a major improvement compared to his predecessor.  I think the judges love his kind of less-polished cuteness, and he had a nicely buffed body to justify giving him high marks.

Surprise showing: Suriname

I only pegged Philippines (Yves Campos) in my “Striking Distance” list as I (and other pageant fans and pundits, including fellow Filipinos) have issues with the lack of definition in his physique.  But it seems he manages to charm the judges with his cuteness and vibrant personality that he squeaked through the Top 20 (he was officially ranked 20th), ahead of some more touted contenders.

Getting by on charm and cuteness: Philippines

I was expecting based on tradition Belarus (Dzianis Alkhovik) and Czech Republic (David Jaček) would make the final cut but I’m kinda glad they didn’t   Belarus for me was just a big let down from his hunky predecessor and Czech Republic registers a lot like a himbo so their non-placements are justified.

Justifiably out: Belarus and Czech Republic

The runners-up for the Lucas Malvacini Award are two good-looking Asians who missed the cut for divergent reasons.  In the case of Pakistan (Raffay Khan), he has enough charm and looks to make it but missed it by a sliver, ranking 21st place.  In the case of Thailand (Aratch Wittayakorn), he had so much potential with his utterly handsome Eurasian features.   It’s such a shame sometimes his eyebags may make him look as if he’s tired and exhausted , and there is the major issue about his lack of skills speaking in English and he ended up among the dreaded bottom nine contestants.

Runners-up for the Lucas Malvacini Award: Pakistan and Thailand

The winner of the Lucas Malvacini Award is Germany (Jan Laskowski)–they did trot out a leaderboard during the programme, and it turns out it is now based on overall performance, and based on scores reportedly from formal wear and interview, he was initially in the Top 10.  But somehow he plummeted out of the Top 20, to 22nd place.  Was his stage presence that weak to merit such a drop?  At least there is consolation for the Germans as Afghanistan (Hamid Noor) made the cut.

Lucas Malvacini Award winner: Germany

For many pageant fans and pundits, indeed the results were totally satisfying.  All prove to be worthy of belonging there and placing as high as they placed–yes, I may have overrated Puerto Rico (Alexander Rivera) but even if he ended up bubbling under the Top Ten, the guys who made the Top Ten are worthy.  Yes, the winner Venezuela (Gabriel Jose Correa) may not have given a strong answer in the final Q&A, but his overall charisma was simply too undeniable that indeed his victory was inevitable.  I’ll post a full-fledged review of this pageant most likely around Christmas time.  For now, congratulations to all the winners!



The awesome winners’ circle: 4th runner-up Mexico (Hector Javier Parga), 2nd runner-up Brazil (Matheus Song), Mister Supranational 2017 Venezuela (Gabriel Jose Correa), 3rd runner-up Slovakia (Michal Gajdošech) and 1st runner-up Spain (Alejandro Cifo)


MYANMAR –  Htoo Ant Lwin.  He is surprisingly hunky and though he has some unflattering angles, there are angles where he exudes a handsome charisma.  And he possesses one of the buffest bods of this group.  If you ask me he deserves a slot in the Top Ten.

NETHERLANDS – Ferdi Çağlayan.  His name belies that he is of Turkish origin Isurname is pronounced Chah-layan).  The key to unlocking his appeal is to tame his unruly mop of a hairdo, which he does in formal wear and interview segments.  He could make the cut if he keeps his hair tamed.

NEW CALEDONIA – Bruno Charley Gislain.  He’s good looking but a tad less polished than most, so it will be an uphill battle for him to make Top 20.

PAKISTAN – Raffay Khan.  He’s surprisingly polished with a handsome face and buffed bod, and arguably he’s overshadowing Hamid Noor.  Would there be enough slots in the Top 20 for him and Hamid?

PANAMA – Alan Valdés.  He’s one of three black guys competing in this edition, and he’s the one most likely to advance as he has polish, buffness, charisma, and strong interview skills.  He can duplicate his predecessor Michael Piggott‘s Top Ten finish.

PERU – Franklin Joel Balarezo.  His very brown, native features are not to everyone’s taste, but he is polished and buffed enough to make a positive impression.

PHILIPPINES – Yves Campos.  Okay, he has a cute face and solid communication skills.  But his physique glaringly has little to no muscle definition unlike his other peers.  His best chances for advancing is winning the popular vote, but so far from the various official popularity polls conducted it’s INDONESIA that’s winning these.  Can we Filipino fans make a strong rally, or are the Indonesian fans simply too formidable and unstoppable?

POLAND –  Jan Dratwicki.  He will get vindication for his non-placement at Mister International earlier this year.  You cannot deny this kind of handsomeness, buffness, and charisma.

PUERTO RICO – Alexander Rivera.  Now, here’s one of the front-runners of this pageant.  His charisma and overall appeal is just too high that seeing him outside of the Top Five would be a big injustice.

ROMANIA – Mihai Pintilie.  This beefy, handsome lad is for me better than his predecessor, Catalin Brinza, who finished 4th runner-up last year.  But equaling Catalin’s showing is probably going to be a challenge, albeit still possible.

SLOVAKIA – Michal Gajdošech.  He already made a major splash four years ago competing in Mister International in Indonesia.  He officially placed seventh, just missing out of the Top Six.  Back then he was clean-shaven and renowned for his luscious lips.  Now that he grew some facial scruff, those lips were no longer that prominent but he still makes a strong impression and likely to duplicate or even exceed his previous Top Ten finish.  He was reported to supposedly also compete in this year’s Manhunt International, but he chose this pageant instead.  With the quality of that batch, he could’ve easily gone Top Five there, but deciding to compete here is still a great call, especially since his country hosted many preliminary activities for this pageant.

I find it interesting how in the distaff side, this country is identified by its more formal name of “Slovak Republic”, while here it’s identified by its shorter name, “Slovakia”.  Shouldn’t it be the other way around since “Slovakia” sounds feminine?

SPAIN – Alejandro Cifo.  This strapping tall guy is one of the big favorites to win this contest.  Besides his stunning height, he possesses a perfect handsomeness and buffness.  Extra points that even if during the preliminary swimwear competition they were all in regulation sponsored board shorts, for more informal occasions where the guys are free to wear any swimsuit handy, he wore the shorts that bare the most thigh–albeit it’s more modest than the tiny Speedos the Netherlands’ Rico Mallee wore last year, he’s the winner of this year’s skimpy swimwear award which I will name henceforth in Rico Mallee’s honor.

Rico Mallee Awardee

SRI LANKA – Jason ‘Pathum’ Subasinghe.  He’s cute, but his body is less-than-buffed, and he lacks polish.

SURINAME –  Arthur Da Nobrega Semoedi.  He’s more polished than his dud of a predecessor, but still he’s unlikely to make serious inroads into the Top 20.

THAILAND –  Aratch Wittayakorn.  To my eyes he’s the handsomest Asian in this year’s group, exuding a cosmopolitan flair with his seemingly Eurasian features.  But surprisingly his command of English is very weak, to the point that he needs to relay his thoughts via mobile phone and run a translation app (since no Thai interpreter is available).  Will the judges be able to overlook the language barrier and send him through, or will he be the recipient of the Lucas Malvacini Award?

UNITED STATES – Cody Ondrick.  This guy has a mixture of handsomeness and pluck and those qualities are likely to serve him well here and make the Top 20 with a possible play for the Top Ten and beyond.

VENEZUELA – Gabriel José Correa.  This fellow has drop-dead gorgeous handsomeness, a superbly sculpted body, a cosmopolitan gentlemanly sophistication, and an intriguingly strong charitable background that he looks like the man to beat in this year’s contest.  Yes, SPAIN and PUERTO RICO are nipping at his heels, but unless he stumbled somewhere, he’s most likely the chosen one.

As is customary I shall trout out my leadeerboard and here’s how I think the 34 contestants stand:









Here now is my “Fearful” Forecast:







Though I envision the title to be a battle amongst three Spanish-speaking gentlemen, I have to salute the Asian contingent for proving once and for all that Asian men can be desirable and can compete head-to-head with the handsomest fellows out there.



The big two: Spain (Alejandro Cifo) and Venezuela (Gabriel Jose Correa)
Fun time at the Aquacity-Poprad with Spain piggybacking over Venezuela


Despite mounting the grandest show among male pageants, this year’s Mister Supranational suffered a mild attrition from 36 to 34.  Even with the attrition, this is par for the level of many major international male pageants (Manhunt International and Mister World being the exceptions as they normally now attract at least 40).  Despite this concern, and the obvious cost-cutting in preliminary activities, the quality of this year’s contestants still reinforces this pageant’s status as one of the premiere international pageants, even if it’s only in its second year of existence.  What helps is that collectively the contestants from one continent has decisively shattered that old Western stereotype that the males from this area (barring the numerous pageants held in their turf) cannot be considered desirable or capable of competing head-to-head against the usual formidable hunks from the Americas and Europe.  Without further ado, let’s review these contestants starting with…

AFGHANISTAN – Hamid Noor.  He actually lives in Germany (and represented his adopted country at the recent Mister Grand International held here almost two months ago).  He was a standout there and became third runner-up, but here, though he’s a strong contender, he seems to be edged out by stellar guys out there and a Top 20 slot is far from assured (though still very possible).

BELARUS – Dzianis Alkhovik.  He’s a far-cry from his predecessor, Mister Supranational 2016 1st runner-up Sergey Bindalov, as I find him a tad on the plain and skinny side and his presentation style tends to be a bit over-the-top.  But there are factors working in his favor, such as Sergey being on hand judging the preliminary proceedings with the reigning Mister Supranational Diego Garcy, and well, the Belarus banner is a strong one in this part of the world.  To his credit, he seems to have strong interview skills.

BOLIVIA – Ruben Herrera.  He’s a swarthy macho type that I find appealing, but may not win over the predominantly female panel.  He sometimes register as less-than-polished.

BRAZIL – Matheus Song.  This half-Chinese guy has undeniable charisma even if his predecessor, 3rd runner-up Bruno Vanin, was better.  Still, he could still make a play for the Top Five and is one of the sure bets for the Top Ten.

CANADA – Guillaume Carignan.  He’s a handsome fellow and a solid interview (albeit with a French accent as he’s from Quebec), but he’s very gangly and skinny.  I have a feeling that skinny frame may be a possible obstacle for him advancing to the Top 20.

CHILE – Alfonso Bernal.  Many pageant fans and pundits rave about his handsome swarthy looks, that many are hyping him as a possible front-runner.  I think he can make a play for the Top Ten, but I’m not sure if he can go further than that.

CHINA – Haitao Liu.  With his mustache and lean-but-buffed physique, he exudes a lot of appeal.   Not sure if that would be enough for him to make the Top 20, but he is a credit to all Asian guys out there.

CZECH REPUBLIC – David Jaček.  He’s a replacement for the original rep, but this guy is making a great impression with his boyish handsomeness and beefily buffed physique.  He can make a play for the Top Ten.

ETHIOPIA – Tewolde Kiflom.  He’s attractive and has a good physique, but he falls short on charisma to be a Top 20 contender.

GERMANY – Jan Laskowski.  Mister Grand International fans might wonder why couldn’t Hamid represent his adopted country?  Well, the German franchisee decided to take preference to this good-looking guy, whose surname hints that he’s of Polish descent.  With his good looks and strong interview skills, that decision is well-justified and he looks like a lock for the Top Ten (or even beyond).  Thank goodness Hamid can still compete here representing his country of origin.

GIBRALTAR – Felix Bothén.  He actually saw action at one of the fledgling international male pageants staged here in the Philippines, Man of the World, last June.  He didn’t make the final cut there but here, with his good interview skills and a predominantly female panel, his long-haired look may have traction and he could make the final cut.

INDIA – Altamash Faraz.  Lookswise he’s a high-quality follow-up to stellar 2nd runner-up Jitesh Thakur.  Some pageant pundits had concerns about his interview skills, but it seems he’s like a Mutya Datul here, as he seems to make a good impression in interview in this milieu.

INDONESIA – Gilbert Pangalila.  He may not be conventionally handsome but he exudes a lot of appeal with his buffed bod.  He already had pageant experience finishing third runner-up at this year’s extremely downsized Mister Universal Ambassador.  Shoring up his fortunes are that he’s often winning the popular vote.

JAMAICA – Franz Christie.  He’s attractive, but like ETHIOPIA, he seems to fall short of charisma.

JAPAN – Takanori Uekusa.  Like his Top Ten-finishing predecessor, Ricky Wakabayashi, this guy prides himself for being cosmopolitan and well-traveled, and indeed that could secure him another Top Ten finish for his country.

MALTA – Justin Axiak.  This guy has a classic handsomeness that could help him secure a Top Ten finish and even make a play for the Top Five.

MEXICO – Héctor Javier Parga.  I don’t expect him to duplicate Diego Garcy‘s win as I find him a bit too scruffy for comfort, but he is otherwise a top-notch polished competitor with good interview skills.  I’m divided about him sporting a cowboy hat during interview (and other occasions) but it does make him stand out and as such he will do very well here.