Besides preparing for their current tour (more on that in my next blog), the recent video releases of Pentatonix seems to be characterized as first going back to childhood passions, then after that an emphasis on romance especially apt considering February contains Valentine’s Day.

Though it was not an official Pentatonix video but released through offshoot vlog channel Superfruit, the core trio of Pentatonix (Scott, Mitch, and Kirstie) harken back to their childhood musical theater days as they had a blast performing a medley of songs from the smash Disney hit movie Frozen.  It turned into the most popular video from the Superfruit channel.  It was homemade and informal, and yes, they occasionally broke out of character (in giggle fits), but their performances are marvelous to behold–especially Mitch’s take on Idina Menzel’s “Let It Go”.  Another fun detail–it’s amusing how Scott and Mitch used Kirstie’s hair to depict the different phases of Princess Anna’s life in “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?”

Though they taped it several months back, finally the public got to see this group’s appearance in Sesame Street.  First, we’re treated to a medley of the classics “C is for Cookie” and “Rubber Ducky” which is available only online, and it’s nice to see a fun cameo appearance by Cookie Monster.  But the real treat is their main segment counting to the number five–they remade the funky pinball-themed counting song (originally performed by the Pointer Sisters), and used it to frame some quaint old-fashioned songs about the numbers one to five.  Astute fans would probably love to marvel how they experimented with a Scott-Kirstie-Avi harmony combo, and how we’re treated to more of Kevin’s singing (this time him singing in a lower register).

As befitting the month of February, Pentatonix released two romantic-themed ballads from their EP PTX, Vol. II.  First, their fan-favorite original track “Run To You”.  Visually, it’s not as eye-popping and colorful as “I Need Your Love” or “Daft Punk”, but well, the moody visuals and falling petals (it reminds me of those falling cherry blossom petals that you see in various Japanese anime) are apt and appropriate.  Now, TV drama producers, it’s about time to use this song as a backing track like the way Imogen Heap’s “Hide and Seek” was ubiquitously used a few years back.

Finally, to commemorate the recently concluded Valentine’s Day, they released their cover of Jessie Ware (featuring Sampha)’s “Valentine”.  It was actually filmed around the time they did “Can’t Hold Us” but was only released just now.  It’s a nice sepia-toned video, with lyrics showing on the screen.  The song may be obscure to most people (some people even presumed it was a Pentatonix original) but I think the reason they chose to cover the song is the way they can showcase their intricate harmonies and Mitch’s falsetto.

There is supposed to be a new video coming out this Monday, and some speculate considering this is now performed in their concerts that it’s a cover of the Great Big World (featuring Christina Aguilera) ballad “Say Something”.  If that is indeed the case, I will update this blog entry when that video is released.