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Winners and special award recipients, from L-R: Korea (Mr. Congeniality), Philippines (Mr. Charming Smile), Chile (3rd RU), South Africa (1st RU and Best in Physique), Brazil (Mister Global 2017), England (2nd RU), Vietnam (4th RU and Best in Talent), Sri Lanka (Best in National Cotume), China (Mr. Photogenic), and Spain (Mr. Model)

The ultimate outcome of Mister Global 2017 is what I and most people expected, as the big favorites were the ones placed highest.  Still there was room for quite a few surprises.  For instance I got 11 out of 16 correct, with two in my “Blubbling Under” list and one in my “Striking Distance” list.

The biggest headscratcher for me was Indonesia (Reynaldi Rifaldo), who not only made it to teh Top 16 but went all the way to the Top Ten.  But then, witnessing the Top Ten swimsuit round, perhaps there is an edge he had as he displayed a sense of derring-do–more on that when I post my full fledged Mister Global review (which will mostly come after I complete all my Eurovision pieces).

During the preliminary interview: Indonesia (Reynaldi Rifaldo)

Similarly surprising for me was the inclusion of Panama (Arturo Lugo) as I found him a tad raw, and his choice of suit in the Top 16 formal wear round reflected that.  But perhaps to the eyes of the judges he’s polished and makes an impact enough when it counts.


Panama (Arturo Lugo)

I was expecting Sri Lanka (Menuka Alwis) to make the cut as he exudes oodles of charisma and sex appeal and an enviable physique.  But sizing him up compared to his peers his disadvantage is that he’s on the short side.  At least he had the consolation of winning Best National Costume,  He’s a runner-up behind two co-winners of this edition’s Lucas Malvacini award.

Lucas Malvacini Award runner-up: Sri Lanka (Manuka Alwis)

The two co-winners of the Lucas Malvacini award coincidentally come from countries that were the Top Two last year–Czech Republic (Tomáš Dvořák) and Thailand (Nontakorn Amput).  It’s ironic that in the preliminary and final judging panel were the reigning Mister Global and his runner-up so what made these two strong contenders miss the cut?  Were their interviews disastrous?  Did Thailand somehow clashed with the organizers somehow that led to his exclusion?


Lucas Malvacini Award co-winner: Thailand (Nontakorn Amput)
Lucas Malvacini Award co-winner: Czech Republic (Tomáš Dvořák))
Last year’s Top Two in the judging panel: Thailand’s Thawatchai Jaikhan and Mister Global 2016 Tomáš Martinek from Czech Republic

I got three of the five finalists right–the judges may not seem to like India (Srikant Dwivedi) as much as I did but a Top Ten finish for him is totally satisfactory, and having Chile (Fabián Esteban Vera Abello) and Vietnam (Thuận Nguyễn) in this lofty group is fully justified.  For many pageant fans and pundits, ti was always a battle among Brazil (Pedro Henrique Gicca), England (Christopher Joseph Bramell) and South Africa (Gerrie Havenga) and Brazil’s win was definitely deemed ideal.  This set of winners is clearly unquestionable.

4th RU Vietnma, 1st RU South Africa, Mister Blobal 2017 Brazil, 2nd RU England and 3rd RU Chile

Now did this year’s pageant format live up to the well-received 2016 production?  I’ll answer that question in my full-fledged review coming up in a couple of weeks.





MALAYSIA – Nazirul Mubin.  He, India, and Sri Lanka could be deemed the darkest complexioned contestants in his year’s contest.  I know most Asians tend to favor fairer complexions, but I hope the Thai judges here may be open enough to appreciate brown, dusky types like this guy.  He’s not conventionally handsome, bu he exudes charisma and sex appeal in my eyes.

MYANMAR – Paing Soe Htun.  He has a buffed bod and a boyish appeal to be among the likeliest to advance to the Top 15.


PANAMA – Arturo Lugo.  He has handsomeness and a lean, sinewy physique going for him, bu he registers a a tad raw and not quite reaching his potential.  He could’ve been a semifinals-worthy contender, but as he is, he’s just simply worthwhile.

PHILIPPINES – James Alfred Ventura.  He may not have got what it takes to top the likes of Brazil, India, South Africa and several others, but he does have a boyish appeal that he can secure us a Top 15/16 finish.  I hope the Thais and Vietnamese are confident enough with their representatives (they ought to be–read below) hat they would allow us Filipino fans to flood the internet voting to give him a slot in the semifinals.

PUERTO RICO – Joshua Rojas Rivera.  He does have good looks and a rippled physique, but his charisma seems a tad inconsistent.  Still, I deem him a possibility for the Top 15 and beyond.

RUSSIA – Roman Odinets.  Many Asians would dig his boyish features and twink-ish frame.   But I think with such a formidable group, he is clearly overshadowed.  Besides the presence of England would shut him out of chances of making further inroads.

SINGAPORE – Kasper Neo.  See INDONESIA.  We usually tend to expect Singapore to field guys with beefy frames, but this guy is more the slim, sinewy type.

SOUTH AFRICA – Gerrie Havenga.  He has a chiseled jaw and the best physique amongst this year’s contestants.  Knowing that most South African pageant contestants tend to also fare well in interview, he could be he possible winner in this year’s pageant–but of course Brazil and India would provide formidable opposition and I have a feeling Thailand and Vietnam would likewise join the fray.  If he doesn’t win this contest, I would recommend he go for Manhunt International–his is the sort of features that would be highly prized in that realm.

SPAIN – Daniel Sampedro.  He stands out as the long-haired contestant in this group.  Underneath that mane, though, is a classically handsome face hat can pull the look off well.  Wonder if the Thai judging panel appreciate swarthy long-haired types?

SRI LANKA – Menuka Alwis.  He somehow reminds me of the reigning Mister World from India, Rohit Khandelwal.  Rohit’s charisma is known to be off-the-charts, bu this guy is no slouch in the charisma department so he looks poised ot have an inside rack to the finals.

SWEDEN – John Sempill.  He is handsome and he has a fit physique, but i’s not as defined as the standouts out there.  Still, he can parlay his classic handsomeness tto a Top 15/16 finish.

TAJIKISTAN –  Azizdzhon Mirzoev.  He and India share approximately tthe same height, so they share the honors of being the tallest contestants in this year’s pageant.  He does have enough appeal to make a great impression, but his physique, albeit buffed, is not as defined as the front-runners out there.

THAILAND – Nontakorn Amput.  Unlike in Mister International, the host country fielded a representative that ticks all the boxes.  He has handsomeness, buffness, and charisma in spades.  So I wouldn’t be shocked or surprised if he ends up in the Top Five.

VIETNAM – Thuận Nguyễn.  See THAILAND, albeit there are some detractors in a popular yet controversial website that are downplaying his chances.  Me, I like what I’m seeing.

With the 28 remaining conttestants now assessed, here is my leaderboard:







Now, my “Fearful” Forecast:







I foresee the Mister Glboal title to be a three-way battle among Brazil (Pedro Henrique Gicca), India (Srikant Dwivedi), and South Africa (Gerrie Havenga) with England (Christopher Joseph Brammell) a possible usurper.  Let’s see if this year’s production equal or exceed’s last year’s successful outing.



Will the Mister Global winner be any of these three? Brazil, India, and South Africa



Initially this year’s Mister Global pageant seemed poised to exceed last year’s roster of 30, as initially there were 34 who sent indications of participation.  But Ethiopia (Abel Sahlu), Nepal (Anuj Maskey), United States (Sessle Sarpy) and Zambia (Mweene Kawele Nangdu) were no-shows.  So that leaves us with 30, which isn’t bad as it’s equal to last year’s record, right?

However, as of today, there is a report of a couple of withdrawals and I’ll discuss those withdrawees here:

NETHERLANDS – Boy Franciscus de Leede.  Between the two withdrawals, this guy has a more competitive chance, as he does have physique definition, and some parties may deem him as handsome (especially the Caucasian-leaning Asians in this region) and he also has that behemoth 6’6″ stature.  However, I have a feeling he probably sensed the Thai tastes lean toward tighter, leaner physiques and he could be deemed to be on the chunky side so it probably is the reason he chose tto withdraw.  I wish he could’ve hung on and even if the outcome is stacked against his favor, well what about the tourism and the learning expieriences?

TURKEY – Can Moretti Dalçık.  Here is the guy who could’ve made a Siera Bearchell style statement in this compettition.  He does have a handsome face to garner some appeal.  But despite attempts to camouflage as much as he could, it’s clear he has the least buffed physique in this year’s batch and that may have been the reason why he didn’t show up for the final judging and withdrew.

We have to understand that male pageantry is still in its nascen stages, and obviously appreciation of broader body types has not seeped through here at this point.  Anyway, it does leave us with 28 highly competitive gentlemen vying for the Mister Global title, and there is some variety for many pageant fans to appreciate (albeit there is no black representation this year–admittedly they are not well appreciated in Asian shores…).

BANGLADESH – Naseef Rahman.  He registered as raw in his pre-arrival photo, but in Thailand, he exudes an appealing boyish charisma to accompany his enviable rippled physique.  He’s one of three representatives from Southern Asia (a.k.a. the Indian subcontinent) and I have a feeling there is a chance that all three from this region could make the final cut.

BRAZIL – Pedro Henrique Gicca.  Majority of the time, Brazil sends representatives in male pageants who are complete packages of charisma, handsomeness, buffed physique, and personaliy.  This fellow is no exception and looks poised to outdo his two predecessors’ 3rd runner-up finishes.  He’s one of my top choices to win the title.

CANADA – Rui Teixeira.   With his Asian features with a Portuguese name, I wonder if he has origins in Macau.  He is a solid, competitive contender, but he is overshadowed by outstanding fellows out there.

CHILE – Fabian Esteban Vera Abello.  He possesses a boyish handsomeness that has its share of admirers.  He seems to have an inside track o the Top Ten and a possible usurper for the Top Five.

CHINA – Shi Yuquan.  If the Thai judges appreciate Chinese features, this guy may also have an inside track to the finals as he does have strong appeal with his lean sinewy physique and polished presence.

CZECH REPUBLIC – Tomáš Dvořák.  Just like in Mister International earlier this year, this country fielded the manliest contestant of the bunch.  This guy simply oozes with heavy doses of testosterone, and this means he is a worthy follow-up to the reigning Mister Global, Tomáš Martinka, albei he exudes a different flavor as Mr. Martinka is more in the classically handsome mold.

ENGLAND – Christopher Joseph Bramell.  After stints in Mister World and Manhunt International last year, this fellow decided o give male pageantry another go, and there are fans hyping he can be the next Mister Global.  I’m not that certain especially with the presence of Brazil, India, and South Africa, but that proven polish and charming personality cannot be ignored.  He could garner a strong track record like Belgium’s Gianni Sennesael.

*1  Gianni was 2nd runner-up in Manhunt International 2011, Top Five in Mister World 2012 and 1st runner-up in Men Universe Model.  He also participated in Mister International 2013, but was an upset non-finalist in that contest.

INDIA – Srikant Dwivedi.  He possesses a global movie star charisma and with his formidable 6’4″ stature (with Netherlands gone, he and Tajikistan are the tallest guys in the group)  that could be his ticket for winning over typical Asian favoritism towards Caucasian types.  I wouldn’t peg him as this group’s “beefcake behemoth” as his physique is more the lean, sinewy type instead of beefy like the reigning Mister International Paul Iskandar.  It is conceivable he can pull off a Paul Iskandar-style victory.

INDONESIA – Reynaldi Rifaldo.  In real-world terms he does have a boyish appeal, but he doesn’t quite exude much charisma, so he is arguably the weakest link among he remaining 28 contestants.

IRAQ – Ezzulddin Mohammed Naser.  It’s surprising that this conflict-laden country managed to field an appealing, competitive contender.  He deserves compliments for his scruffy, boyish appeal and can be a sleeper possibility for the Top 15.

JAPAN – Tomomori Matsuo.  See INDONESIA, with a slimmer frame, plainer face, and fairer complexion.  Definitely a far cry from his Mister International counterpart, Masaya Yamagishi, who garnered 1st runner-up.

KAZAKHSTAN – Nursultan Telmanov.  He has appealing Asian features and a lean rippled physique.  He is in highly competitive form and another possible sleeper choice for the semifinals.

KOREA – Sujae Yoo.  He exudes the charisma of a K-Pop or K-Drama star, and I’m bullish about his prospects finishing in the Top Ten.

LATVIA – Wlad Shatrowsky.  He has a low-key classic handsomeness that can make him a possible usurper against the big favorites for the title.  I see him as a Top Ten shoo-in with a possibility of making the Top Five.