CZECH REPUBLIC – Michaela Hávová.  This country fielded a host of gorgeous contenders to this pageant, but unfortunately this lady, face-wise, pales in comparison to those stunners.  Still wew need to give her credit for being a fit and polished contender overall.


DENMARK – Malene Riis Sørensen.  Back in Miss World 2013, she’s a brunette and one of Megan Young‘s best friends.  She has since become a blonde.  Now, she’s performing decently, though there is still a slight lack of stage polish compared to other contenders out there.  I prefer her as a brunette.


ECUADOR – María Isabel Piñeyro.  She has the beauty and the charisma to be one of the front-running contenders in this pageant.  However I have been hearing some rumors about her attitude towards her fellow contestants, and it makes me wonder if those stories could hold weight and hinder her chances of taking the plum title.


EGYPT – Manet Mahmoud.  She along with Miss Mongolia didn’t participate in the swimsuit prejudging, most likely for religious reasons in  her case.  In real-world terms, she would be deemed as attractive but in stratified pageant terms she doesn’t seem to stand a chance.


EL SALVADOR – Lisbeth Interiano.  She’s an attractive enough lady, though less than polished.


ENGLAND – Angelina Kaliszewicz.  She is obviously of Polish descent judging from her name.  That heritage may give her an advantage and make the cut, but in my opinion she seemed to raw and she registers like a bimbo–it made me recall all those “Poles are dumb” jokes.  But hopefully for her sake I hope she’ll overcome that stereotype.


ETHIOPIA – Misker Kassahun.  She’s good looking, albeit very slim with noticeably very narrow hips.


FRANCE – Océane Pernodet.  She is registering better here than in her stint at Miss Grand International.  Though her figure is a tad on the thicker side, she may have a chance to make the Top 25.


GERMANY – Anja-Vanessa Peter.  This half-German/half-Filipina Bb. Pilipinas 2015 semifinalist is generally polished, but obviously saddled by limited support provided by the country she is representing now–Nick Verreos rated her gown the worst in his blog.  I also noticed she has a resemblance to Miss Earth 2008 from the Philippines, Karla Henry.  So for many pageant fans and pundits, how they regard her chances may depend on how well they regarded Karla Henry–personally, I like Karla Henry.


Miss Earth 2008 Karla Henry (image sourced from Alchetron.com)

GIBRALTAR – Aisha Ben Yahya.  She’s a quality contender saddled with a tacky, too provocative red gown.  If they can overlook the gown, she can be a Top 25 possibility.


GUADELOUPE – Jenifer Geran.  Another one saddled with an off-the-rack number, she otherwise makes a good impression, though perhaps Top 25 is an uphill battle.


GUYANA – Jaleesa Mar-Chell Peterkin.  See CHINA–in her case, the issue is her gap tooth–from afar she looks gorgeous and you don’t notice it but as she comes closer that is what you’ll notice most about her.  But then again, that didn’t hurt Madonna and Vanessa Paradis, right?


HAITI – Chrystelle Jean.  If she was competing in Miss Grand International, I can imagine Nawat bluntly declaring her as fat.  I don’t think the Polish judging panel appreciate fuller figures also, but still kudos for her for showing us that beauty comes in differing shapes and sizes.


HUNGARY – Korinna Kocsis.  I didn’t really appreciate her beauty when she competed at Miss Earth seven years ago, but now that we have been exposed to Idina Menzel and Lea Michele, her looks are now highly regarded and she is poised to become a possible front-runner.


Lea Michele (L) and Idina Menzel (R) (image sourced from Popcrush.com)

All images courtesy of Milton Mieloch for Miss Supranational unless otherwise indicated.


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